Four tips to staying secure with FM Transmit

If you’re worried about the possibility of your phone calls being transmitted over FM to other vehicles on the road, there are steps you can take to become more secure.

Here are four tips to staying secure.

1. Make sure you choose a fully tested and approved DAB adapter, such as the Pure Highway 600. Other DAB adapters have been shown to exceed the legal limits for FM transmission, and therefore chances for transmission bleed is greater.

2. Have your DAB car adapter professionally installed by a recommended partner. A professional installation offers wire-free and secure installation. The installation will always be done via aux-in if supported, otherwise an FM signal will be used and broadcast over a non-default frequency.

3. The Pure Highway DAB adapter defaults to 87.6FM, which many other FM transmitter users may also be using. By selecting an alternative frequency in the band, the likelihood of you transmitting on the same frequency being used by a neighbouring vehicle is minimised. This can be done by following the steps in the video below:

4. Use the aux-in socket to deliver audio to your car speakers if available, ensuring that line-out is selected in the audio menu, disabling the FM transmission. Please follow the video below for further details:


What about Pure’s Highway range? Is it safe?

All Pure in-car DAB adaptor solutions are designed and tested in our state of the art facility in Kings Langley, UK, and then fully independently tested and verified by a third-party test laboratory ensuring that European Telecoms Standards Institute requirements are met.

There are very clear regulations in place for FM transmission from devices which were set up exactly to avoid this ‘bleeding’ of FM signals to other vehicles. There are very clear power limits for transmission in addition to rules for the integration of the FM transmitter antenna design. Pure is a globally leading design authority with DAB adapters. As such, all our current and previous models of adapters that we have been designing and producing over the past 10 years have been and are fully compliant and can be trusted by the consumer.

Based on our testing of competitive products within our advanced RF testing laboratory and subsequent testing by recognised third party testing organisations, we have found that despite claiming conformity, several 3rd party products fail the regulations by a significant margin. It is the responsibility of the importer to ensure products are compliant (using accredited third party test organisations) to these regualtions before declaring them complinat and bring them into the European market. In these situations, the local regulatory body has the responsibility to investigate such instances and take appropraite actions to maintain the conformance by companies to the regulations.

Consumers can buy any Pure product in confidence that all appropriate approvals are complied with.

All Pure products have both the option of FM transmission and line input to your vehicle audio system. For the best and most robust signal we always advise, where possible to use the aux-in option if that is available. Failing that we advise the user to change the FM transmit frequency to a new one which isn’t the default option. While this won’t remove the risk of interference from non-compliant third party products, it will reduce the level of potential occurrence.


Highway 200

DAB+ car adapter with music via aux-in.

Highway 400

Wireless DAB+ car adapter with Bluetooth music

Highway 600

Wireless DAB+ car adapter with Bluetooth music and hands-free calling.