Evoke D4 Mio - Your True Colour

Discover #yourtruecolour to win an Evoke D4 Mio digital radio to match you and your home

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe

Whether it's in the clothes you wear, or the rooms you share, science has proven that colour can say a lot about a person and have great influence on our emotions and behaviour. It's no wonder why we can spend hours choosing the right outfit or shade of paint to create the perfect moods.

But why do we feel attracted to certain colours and what does a colour say about yourself? Take our personality quiz below and we'll tell you exactly which tone best describes you from a pallette of on-trend colours taken from our beautiful Evoke D2 Mio range.

Share your results with Pure on Twitter (@pure_insider) or on Facebook (facebook.com/pure) using #yourtruecolour to be for a chance of winning a stylish Evoke D4 Mio digital radio to match and express both you and your home.

Take our quiz below and tell us #yourtruecolour to win an Evoke D4 Mio digital radios to match you and your home.



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