Press Releases

Official news and announcements from Pure

London, UK 19th May 2010: "PURE – the world-leading leading radio maker – is offering a selection of its best-selling radios as part of the Radio Amnesty, announced by the radio industry today."

London, UK 17th May 2010: PURE – the world-leading radio maker – is creating a "Digital Radio Explained" booklet to clear up a number of confusing messages around digital radio switchover and the Digital Economy Act.

London 12th May 2010 – PURE, the world-leading radio maker has had a number of its products evaluated for use in the bathroom by Intertek Test Labs, a world leader in electrical product safety testing. The ONE family consisting of ONE Mini, ONE Classic and ONE Elite, along with Move are suitable for use in the bathroom when powered by batteries or PURE's rechargeable battery pack, ChargePAK†.

London 26th April 2010 – PURE, the world-leading radio maker launches 'PURE Choice', a new range of stylish and practical accessories to complement its best-selling products, which have on average two accessories each.

London 5th March 2010: A poll of over 2000 PURE Siesta Flow users has shown that birdsong is the most popular alarm tone after the traditional beep. More than double the amount of people chose birdsong to wake up to than any of the other 365 sounds you could choose from. Church bells, balloon squeak, WWI siren and chimes also made the top five alarm tones while violin screech and kettle whistle were among the least selected sounds.

London 2nd March 2010 – The world's first plug and play in-car digital radio, the PURE Highway, is to benefit from on-air promotion worth £200,000 in the months leading up to 2010's summer of sport as part of a co-marketing campaign with a portfolio of stations including Absolute Radio, talkSPORT, Planet Rock and Classic FM.

London, UK 25th February 2010: Ian Littlewood, a Sales Advisor at HBH Woolacotts in Cornwall, has won the grand prize of a luxury eco-holiday worth £2,000 in PURE's 'Less than a Light Bulb'* retailer reward campaign.

London, 7th January 2010 – PURE, a world leading radio maker, previews Oasis Flow and Sirocco 550 at CES 2010 (South Hall 4 Booth #36604). Oasis Flow is a weatherproof and splash resistant rechargeable digital and internet-connected radio with FM. Sirocco 550 is PURE's top of the range digital and internet-connected micro hi-fi system with FM, CD and iPod / iPhone dock. Both will be available in the UK in the first half of 2010.

London, UK, 1st December 2009: PURE has made over 100 Christmas carols and sounds available on its radio and media portal, the PURE Lounge ( to give the Lounge, EVOKE Flow, Siesta Flow, Sensia and AVANTI Flow customers the perfect soundtrack to the festive period.

London, UK 30th November 2009: Digital One, the operator of the largest DAB digital radio network in the world, has just announced that PURE's EVOKE-3 has won the 'Most Amazing Digital Radio' competition which has been running on the website over the last five months.

London, UK, 30th November 2009: PURE - a world leading radio maker - announces that it has reached the three million unit milestone in its sales of digital radios worldwide. It took six years to get to the one million mark which was announced in December 2006, and only three years to triple that figure to three million today.

London, 17th November 2009: A survey by leading radio maker, PURE* has found that singing to the radio is the most popular in-car activity to keep calm during the UK’s ever more frequent traffic jams. Nearly 50% of all respondents and over 66% of female respondents chose ‘singing to the radio’ over other favourites including ‘listening to an MP3 player’, ‘listening to a play’, ‘playing I spy’ or any ‘other’ in-car activity.

London, UK, 11th November 2009: PURE - the world's leading radio maker – presents Chronos CD Series II, a stereo bedside digital and FM radio with CD player. Chronos CD Series II also comes with the new PURE PowerPort which provides power for USB accessories such as mobile phone chargers, reading lights, bedside fans and cup warmers, solving the problem of having insufficient power points next to the bed.