Pure adds two new colours to its popular Evoke C range of all-in-one music systems


Sound, Style and Substance all-in-one

Pure presents two new colours, Grey Oak and Siena Black, to its popular Evoke C range of all-in-one music systems

London, 1st September 2017: Pure presents two contemporary style finishes, Grey Oak and Siena Black, to its popular Evoke C range of all-in-one high-quality music systems. The new Evoke C-D4 and C-D6 features a sleek textured look and comes with digital and FM radio, Bluetooth for wireless streaming and CD playback as standard.

The award-winning product range will now be available in two new colours alongside the traditional walnut finish, to give customers greater choice when complementing their homes with these powerful all-in-one music systems. These models not only look stylish, but also pack a punch when it comes to substance. Each system has room-filling sound with advanced amplifier design and has been hand-tuned for a first-class audio experience. 

Evoke C-D4 (SRP £229.99)

The Evoke C-D4 delivers a compact, but substantial, all-in-one audio experience thanks to clever speaker positioning and advanced DSP optimisation, which maximises the possible volume output.

Specially developed ‘Room EQ’ settings optimise the listening experience. Audio can be tailored for listening directly in front of the unit, or can be changed for when a user moves around a room.  

Product features: Digital and FM radio, CD playback, Bluetooth, remote control, 20 presets and two alarms.

Evoke C-D6 (SRP £289.99)

The Evoke C-D6 packs a punch thanks to its acoustically matched stereo speakers, which deliver clarity and ample volume making it an ideal room-filling audio system.  It features multiple user EQ settings and two independent ‘Room EQ’ modes to tailor the sound to the room.

Product features: Digital and FM radio, CD, Bluetooth, remote control, 20 presets, and two alarms.

Benefitting from Pure’s heritage of British design and engineering, the Evoke C range is digital tick approved, with three years warranty as standard.

The new range will be available from John Lewis online priced from £229.99. For more information, please visit www.pure.com.

About Pure

As the pioneers of digital radio and the first to fully embrace the technology in 1999, Pure has become the world’s leading digital radio manufacturer, with over five million sold worldwide.

Passionate not just about radio, but quality audio; Pure designs and engineers its radios in its state-of-the art engineering facilities just outside of London.

Benefitting from its heritage of developing award-winning digital radio products for the home and the car; all products are digital tick approved, with industry leading three years warranty as standard.

See www.pure.com.                            


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