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Listening to music officially favourite part of Brits’ morning routine

London, Friday 18th September 2015 – Britain is officially a nation fuelled by music in the mornings, according to research by leading audio brand Pure.

73% of Brits listen to music when they wake up in the morning, and more Brits than any other country chose “listening to music” as their favourite thing to do in the morning. People were asked their favourite part of the morning routine, from working out and eating breakfast, to commuting and listening to music

For those who need to catch up on their sleep later in the day, it’s the Danes who lead the way in power napping with 51.6%* napping at least twice a day.  Norwegians, however, avoid their 40 winks in the day time, with 66.3% never napping at all, followed by Brits (59.6%), the majority of whom opt to power through the day.

Germans are the first in the office and had the highest percentage of respondents** claiming to be in by 7am. In contrast, it’s the Italians who have the highest percentage of late-starters, with the majority of respondents starting work after 9:30am.

Nick Hucker, senior director of global marketing: “As a global audio brand, we’re always interested to find out about how people use music in their daily routines, and this reveals some really interesting similarities and differences across Europe.”

Pop music is a clear winner for morning listening in most countries with Norway being the only exception; Norwegians prefer to start their day with rock music. Unsurprisingly, Jazz and RnB seem to be the hardest genres of music to get people up and moving in the morning, scoring the lowest across all countries surveyed. It seems that, across Europe, upbeat music has become a morning energiser, as ingrained in the morning routine as the first coffee of the day.

About the study

The consumer survey was carried out at the beginning of August and was designed to discover patterns in morning habits between different countries in combination with the launch of Pure’s new bedside radio, Siesta Rise. The survey was carried out in six different countries – UK, France, Italy, Germany, Norway and Denmark, with approximately 2,000 consumers surveyed between the ages 25-35.

About Siesta Rise

Siesta Rise is Pure’s latest addition to the Siesta family of bedside digital radios and each feature, from the display to the audio, has been lovingly designed and engineered in Britain to make the morning wake-up call more enjoyable. With a large display that dims to match the brightness of the room and inbuilt smartphones charging, the Siesta Rise also comes with three alarm settings for weekend lie-ins or early morning starts, as well as a sleep and snooze timer.

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*percentage of respondents who answered once per day

** 28%

About Pure

Pure is a world leading consumer electronics manufacturer and leads the way in music streaming and radio systems, multiroom audio and entertainment cloud services as well as innovating in new areas. Designed and engineered in the UK, all of Pure’s products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at ethically audited facilities. Pure is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See            


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