London, UK: PURE Digital – the world leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios – reports that the latest DAB market research from GfK, a leading market research company, shows that PURE Digital products are number one in each of the UK DAB digital radio categories.

London, UK: PURE Digital's Bug radio, designed in conjunction with Wayne Hemingway, is the must have celebrity gift this season. Having already featured as the radio of the Mercury Awards – with 50 Bugs given out to lucky winners of Mercury Award competitions in the UK press – the Bug is next going to be given to each of the presenters at the Celebrity Awards on Wednesday 29th September (don't forget to watch it on ITV1).

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – presents the PURE Élan, the latest portable DAB digital and FM radio from the world leaders in DAB. Élan is a truly elegant portable DAB digital radio, beautifully styled and with performance to match.