VideoLogic Announces LiFE 4/10 Surround Sound System

VideoLogic – a division of Imagination Technologies – announces its new LiFE 4/10 home cinema and hi-fi surround system which features the latest in audio technologies to complement any audiophile's DVD set-up, stylish looks, easy connectivity, ease of operation via a minimal set of control functions and a high level of performance.

The complete LiFE 4/10 system consists of four component elements, all of which will be available separately or as a complete package from VideoLogic's network of hi-fi dealers at a RRP of £2,499 inc. VAT.

LiFE 4/10 provides audio quality that easily matches systems many times its price. In fact this is the first complete home cinema speaker system capable of high levels of performance on both music and home cinema with elegant slim-line styling, which is also small enough to be placed under the TV on a stand or in a cabinet.

LiFE 4/10 Components
The VideoLogic DAP-601ES is an advanced digital audio processor featuring full support for PCM Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic, Digital Theatre Systems (DTS), Dolby Digital and a broad range of EQ and DSP effects.

The MCP-601ES is a dedicated slim-line amplifier providing five discrete channels of studio quality performance with a distributed power supply architecture making it capable of high levels of simultaneous drive.

VideoLogic's SAT 4 speaker set comprises five D'Appolito satellites with two custom-made 4" Audax high definition aerogel drive units and the latest 20mm textile dome Audax tweeter with neodymium magnets and ferrofluid cooling. The speakers are manufactured in MDF and will be available in a variety of finishes to suit today's living space.

The VideoLogic SUB 10 subwoofer features an Audax 10" ultra long-throw drive unit with high power edge-wound voice coils. The integrated sub amplifier is rated at 250W RMS and has low and high level inputs as well as controls for level, cut-off and variable phase control. All components are built into a heavy duty MDF cabinet.Editor's Notes
For further information please refer to the separate press releases for the SAT 4 and SUB 10, MCP-601ES and DAP-601ES. Total price of LiFE 4/10, bought as a set, is £2,499 RRP inc. VAT. LiFE 4/10 components can also be bought separately, prices TBC.