VideoLogic Announces Revolutionary DAB Radio Tuner

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - today announces its DAB Digital Radio Tuner DRX-601E. The DRX-601E breaks the price barrier that has kept digital radio from achieving mass-market adoption with a RRP of just £299 (inc. VAT) - several hundred pounds less than typical DAB receivers currently available.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) technology provides distortion free, high quality digital radio reception, massively improving on the quality of traditional radio services and offers extensive data transmission capabilities which enable new services to be offered by broadcasters. Radio stations currently broadcasting in digital in the UK include the Digital One network (, whose stations include Classic fm, talkSPORT, Virgin and seven new digital only national stations, local stations such as Capital Radio and LBC, and BBC Radio 1 - 5. The DRX-601E Digital Radio Tuner will be available from a major High Street retail chain from early-November with volume shipments in the stores for Christmas.

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic: "Advances in digital radio technology and the high level of integration now available allows our DRX-601E tuner to be priced for a mainstream audience without sacrificing great looks and audio quality. This is the receiver radio fans have been waiting for and marks a watershed in the development of DAB. We intend the DRX-601E to be the catalyst that kick-starts the mass market for digital radio."

Says Quentin Howard, CEO, Digital One: "Until now digital radio has only been affordable to high-end consumers, not the mass market. We are delighted that VideoLogic is introducing this revolutionary product, which will bring the pleasure and quality of digital radio to a much wider audience. Just as digital television will replace analogue broadcast, digital radio will replace FM, MW and AM radio broadcasts with high-quality audio fit for the 21st century. That's why everyone calls it 'Digital Radio - Tomorrow's Wireless'."

Analogue FM or MW radio signals suffer from several kinds of interference travelling between the transmitter and the radio, caused by tall buildings, the landscape or weather conditions. Digital radio selects the strongest regional transmitter automatically and then actually uses any obstacles as reflectors to create multiple path reception conditions that optimise receiver sensitivity and ensure users get digital-quality sound with no break-ups.

As well as crystal-clear reception and high-detail digital-quality sound, DRX-601E can provide additional information including station identification, track listings, traffic and news data or other text (dependent on transmission content provided by the broadcasting station), which is displayed on the DRX-601E's integral LCD screen.

The stylish design of the DRX-601E is intended to complement the user's hi-fi separates system, either as an additional input source to a hi-fi amplifier or as a replacement for an existing radio tuner. DRX-601E has a high quality slim-line aluminium fascia with a very easy to use interface. The system is accompanied by a fully featured infrared remote control for the easy selection of main channel or secondary service broadcasts. Secondary service is a 'sub-channel' that can contain additional broadcasts like news, competitions or expanded information that enrich the user's enjoyment of the main broadcast.

DRX-601E has high performance 24-bit / 96 kHz delta sigma digital to analogue converters for high-quality stereo digital audio, a low noise toroidal transformer power supply, fast auto-tune and service selection as well as nine station presets operated from the remote control.

DRX-601E includes a full suite of input and output features for maximum connectivity including: S/PDIF digital output (48Khz) via Toslink and phono connectors for direct digital recording to MiniDisc or DAT, loop through circuit for external FM/AM tuner, RF connector for DAB antenna connection. An RDI (Receiver Data Interface) optical port is also fitted for future expansion and connectivity.About Digital One

Digital One runs the UK's only national commercial digital radio network of 10 radio channels under a renewable 12-year licence from the Radio Authority. Its launch of new national commercial digital radio stations is the biggest in the history of radio. Digital One is a joint venture between GWR, the UK's largest private radio group, and ntl, the UK leader in cable, communications and interactive services.

Digital One also markets and promotes digital radio for the industry in general with the distinctive "Digital Radio" logos and the phrase "Digital Radio-Tomorrow's Wireless" which helps consumers identify digital radio products (which used to be referred to as DAB). Digital One organises various trade and consumer activities and takes part in shows such as Live 2000 and the Hi-Fi Show.