VideoLogic DigiTheatre™ PC Set Includes SonicFury™ Soundcard, WinDVD and DigiTheatre™ LC Home Cinema Speakers

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - today announced its new DigiTheatre PC home-cinema pack, which consists of VideoLogic's new SonicFury soundcard, DigiTheatre LC surround speaker system and the WinDVD 2000 software DVD player. Based on VideoLogic's multi-award winning DigiTheatre system, DigiTheatre PC's high quality speakers are designed to complement VideoLogic's SonicFury six channel DSP soundcard.

Any 300 Celeron/K6-2 450 or above PC with a DVD-ROM and DigiTheatre PC provides the ultimate in PC home theatre with high-quality cinema-style surround sound and DVD playback. DigiTheatre PC is available now from VideoLogic for £199.99 (inc. VAT). This represents a saving of £45 over the separate selling price of the included SonicFury (£79.99 inc. VAT),
DigiTheatre LC (£129.99 inc. VAT) and WinDVD (six-channel version, £34.99 inc. VAT). DigiTheatre PC can be ordered online from

Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic Systems says: "DigiTheatre PC redefines the PC-based home cinema solution coupling the award winning quality of our DigiTheatre speakers with SonicFury, the first audiophile quality six channel soundcard for the PC."

SonicFury revolutionises PC home theatre with its support for either 5.1 digital stream output or six-channel analogue output (5.1). Used with the WinDVD 2000 software DVD player, SonicFury outputs the decoded audio to the included DigiTheatre LC six channel speaker system, eliminating the need for an external Dolby® Digital decoder.2

DigiTheatre PC provides powerful satellite speakers for all channels, including dedicated centre and sub speakers. The front speakers have a separate tweeter and mid-range cone and the centre and surround speakers have full frequency drive units. The subwoofer contains all the necessary power supply and six amplifiers providing over 1000W PMPO output. DigiTheatre PC's compact satellites have been designed with ease of mounting in mind.

DigiTheatre PC uses the same speakers and integrated amplifiers as VideoLogic's DigiTheatre speaker and decoder system, which has won numerous awards including, DVD Review Best For Value, What Video & TV Best Buy, Computer Buyer Recommended and DVD Buyer Best For Value.

InterVideo WinDVD 2000 is the leading software-only DVD player for the PC. WinDVD allows users to playback DVD movies, interactive DVD titles, MPEG video content, Video CDs, and audio CD on PCs that are equipped with a DVD drive without the need for an expensive hardware decoder card. InterVideo's WinDVD was designed to perform at the highest quality available on the lowest possible CPU. In addition to months of intensive, software-only performance optimisations, InterVideo has added Advanced Quality Control to further reduce the CPU overhead requirements.

DigiTheatre PC is supplied with a two-year warranty and is backed by worldwide customer support, including technical support hotlines, an Internet web site and ftp services.Notes

For further details about minimum specification requirements for WinDVD 2000 visit CPU requirements can be as low as 233 Celeron/K6-2 366 in a system with both HWMC & iDCT. Numbers quoted in the release are for software playback with no hardware assistance.
2Alternatively, SonicFury allows the pass-through of digital streams (e.g. Dolby Digital) via the digital output for external decoding in a separate home cinema decoder or complete 5.1 speaker solution, such as VideoLogic's original DigiTheatre or DigiTheatre DTS.