VideoLogic Launches Sirocco PC Speaker System

VideoLogic - the international company which develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator and audio products for PCs, games consoles and arcade entertainment machines - has launched its Sirocco speaker system for the PC. Available in October, for just £199 (ex VAT), the revolutionary Sirocco design brings amazing high-end, hi-fi quality sound to the PC.

Designed and built to exacting professional standards, the Sirocco system out-performs any PC speakers currently available. Sirocco manages to achieve a remarkable price point by applying VideoLogic's design skills combined with low-cost manufacturing techniques.

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "With the advent of PCI sound cards PC audio finally came of age, but most users are still only hearing a fraction of their PC's sound capability because the majority of PC speakers on the market are exceptionally poor quality. Sirocco represents a paradigm shift in PC audio, giving PC owners a level of audio quality previously unavailable."

Although targeted at the PC platform - for games, presentation, training systems, home recording studios or PC hi-fi - Sirocco can also be used with any device with a line output including video game consoles, CD-players, miniDisc players, NiCam TVs, mini-stereo systems and portable MP3 and DVD players.

Sirocco uses the proven engineering excellence of VideoLogic, in conjunction with design studio Hi-Q Sound, to create a revolution in PC audio at a remarkable price. With two satellite speakers, each with bass/midrange and separate tweeter, plus a sub-woofer, active filter and power amps, Sirocco's 'near field monitor' performance and form factor are designed with the PC user in mind.

Sirocco is a fully active design, with a massive 100W RMS of output power available, consisting of five individual amplifiers, one for each speaker drive unit. If the output power is calculated on the same basis as most PC speakers then the Sirocco system is capable of 1500w output (PMPO.)

Says Mark Hudson, technical director, Hi-Q Sound: "Sirocco exhibits the quality of our pro-audio work, but with the benefits of the low cost design implementations that have developed in the computer industry. The result is incredible sound at an amazingly low price. Sirocco is comparable only to high-end hi-fi equipment, not the poor-show that usually passes for PC speakers."

Tone adjustment is available using an 'attitude' control. This is implemented by means of a dual shelving filter. Sirocco's speaker drive units are high quality magnetically shielded devices from Audax, renowned in the hi-fi market for their sound quality. The cones used in Sirocco are manufactured using natural wood. A blend of short and long fibers is used in order to ensure superb fidelity.

Says Peter Denning, product manager, Audax: "We are very excited that VideoLogic is using our high quality speaker cones in a product aimed at the high volume PC market. We have been extremely impressed with the systems' overall performance."National Semiconductor

The Sirocco power amp section is manufactured using Overture Series amplifier devices from National Semiconductor, one of the world's largest semi-conductor suppliers. The amps offer both excellent audio quality and 'bulletproof' protection circuitry that provides high product reliability. National Semiconductor's Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature (°Ke) (SPiKe™) Protection Circuitry means that the Sirocco amplifier is completely safeguarded at the output against overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, including shorts to the supplies, thermal runaway, and instantaneous temperature peaks.

About Hi-Q Sound

Hi-Q Sound has been working in the professional audio industry since the late eighties, and the last five years primarily in the design of high-power speaker systems, hi-fi and studio monitoring equipment. Many clubs and venues throughout the UK have Hi-Q Sound designed products installed.

Today Hi-Q Sound is a specialist in the design and manufacture of many and varied

high quality products for the audio industry, from multimedia to stadium equipment. About Audax

Since 1926, Audax - one of the world's largest speaker cone manufacturers, with clients including many of the leading names in high-end hi-fi - has been dedicated to furthering the art of loudspeaker development.

The company has held over thirty different patents that have contributed widely towards its success in the international acoustics field.

Sirocco is supplied with a one-year warranty and backed by world-wide customer support, including technical support hotlines, an Internet web site and ftp services.

Technical Notes

Minimum System Requirements: PC with sound card or any equipment with line level output.

Satellites: Solid wood construction MDF cabinets; each with 4" bass/mid driver and separate tweeter.

Sub: Solid wood construction MDF cabinets; containing 6.5" bass driver.

All the drive units in Sirocco are fully shielded both on the tweeters and woofers.

Amplifier: Power rating 100W RMS at 10% THD (80W RMS at 1% THD.)

Controls: Power on/off, Volume, Sub-woofer volume, Attitude (tone adjustment).

Power Supply: 220-250V AC input.

Connectors: Left and right channel stereo line in via phono sockets. ¼ inch headphone jack on amplifier front panel. IEC mains inlet and amplifier output terminals.

Cables supplied: IEC mains cable, 3.5mm stereo jack to phono and speaker cables.