VideoLogic Revamps 3D Graphics Range

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has today announced pricing and games bundle updates to its award-winning Apocalypse graphics card range that meet the needs of all PC gamers, from the budget-conscious to the power-hungry.

The updated Apocalypse range includes the entry-level Apocalypse 3D, the dedicated Apocalypse 3Dx and the combination Apocalypse 5D, with prices now starting from £49.00.

Based on the original PowerVR NEC PCX1, the Apocalypse 3D is a dedicated 3D accelerator that delivers strong 3D performance at very low cost. In conjunction with an upgraded 3D games bundle of four PowerVR games - Ultim@te Race, Mech Warrior 2, Revolte and Cyber Gladiators, the Apocalypse 3D has a new price of just £49.00 RRP (a 70% reduction) with an expected street price of £45.00. The Apocalypse 3D is targeted at gamers on a budget and home PC users keen to try true 3D gaming without a heavy investment.

At the same time, VideoLogic will also upgrade any Apocalypse 3D customers' games bundle by replacing any returned 1 track versions of Ultim@te Race from Kalisto with the new 3 track version free of charge.

Shipping since August, the Apocalypse 3Dx is a higher-performance 3D gaming card based on the second generation PowerVR NEC PCX2 chip. Apocalypse 3Dx delivers better 3D power and image quality than the original NEC PCX1 and now comes bundled with 5 PowerVR games including Tomb RaiderTM (OEM version), WipeOut 2097TM, Ultim@te RaceTM (new 3 track), MechWarrior 2TM and TerracideTM (OEM version). The Apocalypse 3Dx now has an RRP of £115.00, with an expected street price of £99.00.

(ECTS'97 - Olympia 7-9 September)Apocalypse 3Dx Upgrade Programs - VideoLogic and 3Dfx customers

In conjunction with the launch of Apocalypse 3Dx, VideoLogic is also offering Apocalypse 3D owners, and users of 3Dfx-based cards, the opportunity to upgrade to Apocalypse 3Dx for "special customer" prices. Both offers are direct from VideoLogic only and all customers will not be required to return their existing cards in order to take advantage of the offer.

All registered customers of Apocalypse 3D can upgrade to the new Apocalypse 3Dx pack for £59.00 (exc. VAT and delivery). In addition, all customers of the 3Dfx® based cards, such as the Righteous 3DTM from Orchid® and Monster 3DTM from Diamond Multimedia® can upgrade to the new Apocalypse 3Dx for £79.00 (exc. VAT and delivery) upon proof of purchase.

Shipping from today, the Apocalypse 5D offers the ultimate 2D/3D combination for the power gamer. Using the PowerVR NEC PCX2 and ET6100 from Tseng Labs, the Apocalypse 5D combines great DOS, Windows 95 and D3D games performance on a single slot PCI Plug and Play card. The Apocalypse 5D is available in 6Mb (4Mb SDRAM texture memory and 2Mb MDRAM graphics memory) and 8Mb (4Mb SDRAM and 4Mb MDRAM) options. The Apocalypse 5D 6Mb version has an RRP of £159.00 with an expected street price of £145.00 and 8Mb version has an RRP of £199.00 with an expected street price of £185.00.

  Processor Games Bundle RRP SRP
Apocalypse 3D NEC PCX1 Ultim@te Race
MechWarrior 2
£49.00 £45.00
Apocalypse 3Dx NEC PCX2 Ultim@te Race (3 track)
Tomb Raider (OEM)
WipeOut 2097/XL
Terracide (OEM)
MechWarrior 2
£115.00 £99.00
Apocalypse 5D NEC PCX2 and Tseng Labs ET6100 Ultim@te Race (3 track)
Tomb Raider (OEM)
WipeOut 2097/XL
Terracide (OEM)
MechWarrior 2
£159.00 £145.00

The Apocalypse range is available worldwide through VideoLogic's existing network of computer retailers, resellers and distributors, including Game, PC World, Electronics Boutique, Byte and Tempo.

All Apocalypse gaming cards are backed by a five year warranty. Further information on the Apocalypse range is available on the internet from