Apocalypse 3Dx User Wins National PC Games Competition

An Apocalypse 3Dx user, Chris McGregor from Edinburgh, has won the UK PC Zone National Games competition held last week in London.

Chris came through weeks of regional heats, held in the UK multiplayer game centre Reality-X, to be one of eight finalists invited down to London to decide UKs finest PC Gamer. The outcome was decided over 6 games: Red Alert, Quake, RISK, EF2000, Actua Soccer and RAC Rally, and Chris received a Compaq P233MMX for his achievement.

The competition kicked off in ShootnSurf at 9.00am and finished at 4.30pm and by the last game, Quake, three finalists had the opportunity to win. Graham, a competitor from London, looked like favourite to win with a 20 frag lead and only 10 minutes left, but sheer concentration from Apocalypse 3Dx user Chris McGregor meant a close contest. Chris managed to pull it back from 20 behind and finally won by 2 frags!

"To say it was tense is an understatement," said Apocalypse 3Dx entrant, Chris. "There were some great gamers there and a few had a chance to win. I'll now have to re-install my Apocalypse 3Dx in the new Compaq and get some serious practice in for next year."

Apocalypse 3Dx is a high-performance 3D gaming card based on the second generation PowerVR NEC PCX2 chip. Apocalypse 3Dx delivers awesome 3D power and image quality and is bundled with 5 great PowerVR games including Tomb Raider (OEM version), WipeOut 2097TM, Ultim@te RaceTM (new 3 track), MechWarrior 2TM and TerracideTM (OEM version). The Apocalypse 3Dx now has an RRP of £115.00, with an expected street price of £99.00.

The Apocalypse 3Dx is available worldwide through VideoLogic's existing network of computer retailers, resellers and distributors, including Game, PC World, Electronics Boutique, Byte and Tempo.

All Apocalypse gaming cards are backed by a five year warranty. Further information on the Apocalypse range is available on the internet from http://www.videologic.com/.

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