VideoLogic Ships Ultimate PC Gaming Combo - Apocalypse 5D

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, today began shipping its combination 2D/3D graphics card - Apocalypse 5D. Apocalypse 5D is a single slot PCI card that delivers high-end 3D games performance, through the PowerVR-based NEC PCX2, and powerful 2D graphics, for DOS and Windows 95, with the new Tseng Labs ET6100 128-bit controller.

The Apocalypse 5D launch pack includes the combination PCX2/ET6100-based card, Direct3D and PowerSGL drivers, and five PowerVR games, including: Tomb RaiderTM (OEM version), WipeOut 2097TM, Ultim@te RaceTM (new 3 track), TerracideTM (OEM version) and MechWarrior 2TM.

The Apocalypse 5D has an RRP of £159.00 for the 6Mb version (4Mb SDRAM texture memory and 2Mb MDRAM graphics memory, with no requirement or additional cost for z-buffer memory), with an expected street price of £145.00, and £199.00 RRP for the 8Mb (4Mb SDRAM and 4Mb MDRAM) version, with an expected street price of £185.00.

"There has been a strong demand from both the OEM and retail sectors for a card that combines the 3D performance of the Apocalypse 3Dx with the DOS and Windows 95 performance of the GrafixStar 600," said Kevin Dale, sales and marketing director for VideoLogic Multimedia Systems. "The Apocalypse 5D delivers just that combination on a single slot PCI card at a very aggressive price."

The Apocalypse 5D is now available worldwide through VideoLogic's existing network of computer retailers, resellers and distributors, including Game, PC World and Electronics Boutique.

The Apocalypse 5D has a minimum PC specification of an Intel Pentium-based P166 or equivalent and 32Mb of system memory. The card is backed by a five year warranty. The company may be reached through its site on the World Wide Web at

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