Gateway 2000 Selects VideoLogic Apocalypse 3Dx for Destination Big Screen PC/TV Product Line

VideoLogic® today announced that Gateway® 2000, a global leader in the direct marketing of PCs, will integrate the PowerVR-based Apocalypse 3DxTM graphics accelerator into the company's new line of DestinationTM Big Screen PC/TVs. The Apocalypse 3Dx is VideoLogic's second generation high-end 3D graphics accelerator for the PC market.

"The Destination Big Screen PC/TV range combines the very best in multimedia and 3D technology available today, and offers consumers the ultimate in home entertainment on the PC," said Bill Graber, Destination marketing manager for Gateway 2000. "The Apocalypse 3Dx is an impressive 3D accelerator, and along with a great games bundle makes the Destination PC an awesome 3D games-station."

Both the D6-266 and D6-300 Destination Big Screen PC/TV models will come pre-installed with the Apocalypse 3Dx, with an upgrade option available on all Big Screen PC/TV systems in the range. The D6-300 Destination Big Screen PC/TV is based on the Intel® 300MHz Pentium II processor and comes with a 31" 800 x 600 SVGA monitor, 64Mb RAM and a 8.4Gb IDE hard drive. As part of the Gateway 3D games pack, both Destination PCs come bundled with 3 special PowerVR titles, including Virtual OnTM from Sega®, Ultim@teTM Race (3 track) from Kalisto® and Actua SoccerTM from Gremlin®.

"This agreement marks a further significant step forward for the Apocalypse product line," said Kevin Dale, sales and marketing director for VideoLogic Multimedia Systems. "It takes the PowerVR 3D gaming experience to a completely new level through Gateway's new Big Screen PC/TVs."

Alongside the VideoLogic Apocalypse 3Dx, the D6-300 Destination Big Screen PC/TV also houses a DVD-ROM, 2Mb graphics accelerator with cable-ready TV tuner, the Easy Photo Drive Photo Scanner, Ensoniq Wavetable Audio and the harman/kardon® High-Fidelity Surround Sound System. In addition, the Destination is supplied with a Telepath Modem for Windows with x2TM Technology, a wireless keyboard with integrated EZ pad pointing device and wireless fieldTM mouse remote.

The Destination Big Screen PC/TV product line is now available direct from Gateway 2000 by calling (800) 846 4875 or visiting The Destination PC/TV range (5 models in total) will be sold in the US and Canada only and the D6-300 Destination Big Screen PC/TV will be available for $4,699.00. The 3D upgrade, which includes the Apocalypse 3Dx card and 3 special PowerVR games is available from Gateway for $129.00.VideoLogic Apocalypse 3Dx

The Apocalypse 3Dx is a single slot, half-length PCI card for Windows 95 Pentium PCs and is based on the recently introduced NEC® PCX2TM 3D processor, designed by NEC Electronics and VideoLogic. The card is compatible with DirectDraw-enabled 2D graphics cards or controllers and comes supplied with 4Mb of high performance SDRAM texture memory on board.

The new Apocalypse 3Dx card delivers 50% more performance, supports higher display resolutions and has a substantially improved 3D image quality, through the inclusion of bilinear and adaptive bilinear texture filtering, over the original PCX1-based card. The new card is also fully backwards compatible with all existing PowerVR and Direct3D drivers and games.

The Apocalypse 3Dx is shipping now as a retail product and includes 5 special PowerVR 3D games, including Tomb Raider, WipeOut XL/2097, Ultim@te Race (new 3 track version), Terracide and MechWarrior 2. The complete Apocalypse 3Dx gaming pack, including board, games and drivers has an RRP of £115.00, with a target street price of £99.00. The Apocalypse 3Dx retail product is available through VideoLogic's existing network of computer distributors, resellers and retailers.

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