VideoLogic Launches GrafixMAX - New Accelerated Driver Technology for GrafixStar Range

VideoLogic today announced a new graphics driver technology that will accelerate the graphics performance of selected GrafixStar cards by up to 35%. At the same time the company also announced a round of aggressive price cuts on its GrafixStar 400 and 600 ranges.

VideoLogic has already developed new GrafixMAX accelerated software drivers for the latest GrafixStar 600 and GrafixStar 400 graphics cards and plans to implement the technology in all new additions to the GrafixStar range. GrafixMAX drivers for the GrafixStar 600 and 400 are available immediately from the VideoLogic web site and free of charge, to all new and existing VideoLogic customers.

GrafixMAX is a portable core technology which can be applied to any graphics accelerator product, providing a rapid time to market. It is the result of years of intensive software research, putting VideoLogic at the leading edge of driver acceleration technology. GrafixMAX has been developed using a modular approach to create a more efficient driver architecture, enhanced with techniques such as bitmap caching, utilisation of off-screen memory and full Pentium code optimisation, which combine to provide very significant performance improvements.

The new GrafixMAX drivers are fully integrated with the VideoLogic SmartTools set of graphics utilities, and are fully compatible with all VideoLogic's multimedia peripherals.

"The GrafixMAX driver technology gives the current GrafixStar range a very real performance increase," said Kevin Dale, European sales and marketing manager for VideoLogic. "Combined with current driver optimisation and our aggressive new pricing, VideoLogic has set new levels of price/performance unrivalled in the graphics card market."Aggressive Pricing Cuts to GrafixStar

In addition to the launch of GrafixMAX, VideoLogic has also announced an aggressive round of pricing cuts for the GrafixStar 400 and 600 series. The aim of the price drop is to bring current Recommended Retail Prices more into line with today's street pricing, as well as to implement a further real reduction in channel pricing. Consequently, RRP prices for the GrafixStars have been reduced by as much as 60%.

The GrafixStar 400 (1MB) has a new RRP of £49.00 (£115.00 previously), the 2MB version a new RRP of £69.00 (£165.00 previously), and the MPEG add-on daughterboard, MPEGStar, a new RRP of £65.00 (£85.00 previously). The GrafixStar 600 has a new RRP of £139.00 (£169.00 previously) and all new pricing will take effect from October.

  Current Price New Price % Reduction
GrafixStar 600 £169.00 £139.00 17%
GrafixStar 400 (1MB) £115.00 £49.00 57%
GrafixStar 400 (2MB) £165.00 £69.00 58%
MPEGStar £85.00 £65.00 23%

Download GrafixMAX drivers for the GrafixStar 400 and GrafixStar 600.