PURE Digital Gets Passionate About Digital Radio

The UK's first health and environment focused DAB Digital Radio station, Passion for the Planet, has teamed up with PURE Digital, a division of Imagination Technologies, to offer the world's most stylish, and smallest, hi-fi component mini DAB digital radio tuner, the PURE DRX-601ESM.

The PURE DRX-601ESM is available now from www.passionfortheplanet.com for just £249.99 inc. VAT and delivery. To celebrate this launch Passion for the Planet is also offering one of the highly sought-after PURE EVOKE-1 Portable Digital Radios to a lucky DRX-601ESM buyer, whose name will be drawn on December 14th 2002.

The DRX-601ESM features a stylish silver anodised aluminium front panel as well as cool blue LED indicators and an easy to read blue/white display. The DRX-601ESM has all the performance and features of What Hi-Fi's tuner Product Of The Year 2001, the VideoLogic DRX-601ES, including a discrete remote control and PAC™ Technology for a more natural sound.

Passion for the Planet introduces an innovative format to the expanding DAB Digital Radio market, playing a mix of music mirroring the UK's cosmopolitan nature. The station output combines familiar English language hits and World Music as well as speech programming focusing on environmental and health issues.

Passion for the Planet broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio. DAB is the future of radio broadcasting as it offers crystal clear, interference free, digital quality sound, text data, plus more choice of programmes.

About Passion for the Planet
Passion for the Planet is a new network of DAB Digital Radio stations covering the south of England, and broadcasting an innovative mix of music and speech. Passion for the Planet is the first radio station to focus on health and environmental issues and to combine adult contemporary and world music in its output. See: www.passionfortheplanet.com.Contact:
Passion for the Planet
Zeal House
Deer Park Road
SW19 3GY

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8286 1760
Email: chantal@passionfortheplanet.com