VideoLogic SonicXplosion

PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies – announces the VideoLogic SonicXplosion, a high-performance 5.1 channel sound card which is available now for just £49.99 (UK RRP, inc. VAT).

SonicXplosion is a great choice for PC audio with features including: up to six discrete output channels for Dolby® Digital, music and games; a powerful MIDI engine with high-quality 8MB sample set; 64 hardware voices and up to 976 software voices; support for all popular audio standards, including DirectSound™, DirectSound3D™, EAX™, Sensaura, A3D™ and DLS.

Says Kevin Dale, president, PURE Digital: "SonicXplosion sets a new benchmark for PC audio with an extensive, innovative feature set that includes audiophile performance and digital input and output. SonicXplosion is the most affordable and versatile way to upgrade any PC for full surround sound music, movies and gaming."

Says Jag Mann, Product Manager, Multivision: "SonicXplosion and SonicXplosion DVD offer Multivision customers the complete PC digital audio experience, with 5.1 surround sound output for extreme gaming and home cinema, and great music making features."


SonicXplosion is ideal for PC home theatre with its support for either 5.1 digital stream output or six-channel analogue output (5.1). SonicXplosion allows the pass-through of digital streams (e.g. Dolby Digital) via the digital output for external decoding in a separate home cinema decoder or complete 5.1 speaker solution, such as the VideoLogic DigiTheatre ZXR or PURE DigiTheatre Platinum.

Alternatively, when used with a suitable software DVD player, SonicXplosion can output the decoded audio to two, four or six channel speaker systems, providing the lowest possible cost home cinema solution for the PC.

Key Audio Features

SonicXplosion provides broad support for in-game surround sound including EAX 1.0/2.0™ and enables both digital optical input and output for digital audio creativity. A huge selection of full-featured software applications is included for music creation and playback, MP3 music, power gaming and more.

SonicXplosion's high performance Crystal SoundFusion DSP (digital signal processor) features Dynamic Resource Reconfiguration for smarter audio acceleration. SonicXplosion features up to six discrete output channels for movies, music and games; a powerful MIDI engine with high-quality 8 MB sample set; 64 hardware voices and up to 976 software voices; support for popular audio standards, including DirectSound, DirectSound3D, EAX, Sensaura, A3D and DLS.

Dynamic Resource Reconfiguration

SonicXplosion's Dynamic Resource Reconfiguration focuses the power of its Crystal SoundFusion 420 MIPS DSP where users need it most. For instance, if a game demands 3D audio but not MIDI wavetable sound, the on board audio DSP will focus its processing power on accelerating the 3D streams. If the user instead decides to listen to MP3 files, the DSP will reconfigure itself to optimise the MP3 decoding process. SonicXplosion's advanced DSP design is engineered for the future, allowing upgrades to be made via software to keep pace with new developments in PC audio technology.

Digital Music

SonicXplosion offers a wealth of features for desktop music production, turning the PC into a pro-quality music and sound editing system with features including: super low-noise analogue circuitry for better than -97db signal to noise ratio; 18-bit A-D converter for high resolution recording; six 20-bit D-A converters for high precision playback; a 10-band hardware graphic equalizer; an 8 MB DLS-compatible wavetable synthesizer; and support for an optional GS-compatible digital wavetable daughter board.

SonicXplosion's on-board optical digital output also allows CD audio, MP3, and other digital music files to be transferred to MiniDisc or DAT in a pure digital format at 48 kHz. The optical digital input accepts digital streams at 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz for maximum versatility.

3D Technology

In addition to providing up to six output channels, SonicXplosion supports the major 3D audio standards. Using Sensaura's key technologies – Multidrive, MacroFX and EnviromentFX – SonicXplosion accelerates DirectSound3D, A3D and EAX 1.0/2.0, reducing the load on the PC CPU and freeing it to handle faster game play and sharper AI. SonicXplosion features per-channel speaker test and speaker positioning control for surround sound optimisation.


SonicXplosion offers a broad range of connectivity features including Optical Digital In and Out, three Line-Outs for 2, 4 or 6 speaker system connection, switchable line-in / Amplified Headphone-Out, Mic In (dynamic / condenser mono Mic In with +20db or +40db gain), and MIDI/Joystick Interface (on additional backplate). As many users now have multiple optical drives in their PCs, two uncoupled CD inputs are provided.

The optical digital input of SonicXplosion can be synchronized to 32, 44.1 and 48kHz and full status information, like whether the stream is copy protected, is available from the software control panel. The digital output keeps connected to the outside world at 48kHz and lets you connect to DAT, MiniDisc or other equipment.

Used with suitable DVD playback software the digital output can provide Dolby Digital or DTS data streams to a dedicated external decoder or decode those surround sound formats directly on the PC for output via SonicXplosion's built-in six-channel outputs.

Wide Range of Software Included

SonicXplosion provides an excellent selection of bundled software with ten full applications and numerous demo, freeware and shareware programs (see list in Editor's Notes).

Business Applications

With a combination of NetMeeting's complete videoconferencing package, VideoLogic's Internet Telephone, integrated support tools, first rate technical support and PC2001 compliance, SonicXplosion is perfect for all business uses. SonicXplosion supports acoustic echo cancellation algorithms for enhancing videoconferencing or speakerphone applications. High-resolution 18 bit A-D converters and exceptionally low signal-to-noise and total harmonic distortion levels also improve voice recognition performance.

SonicXplosion is backed up by the very best in free lifetime support including: technical support hotlines; Internet based support; and a five year hardware warranty.

Editor's Notes

Additional Software Included:
- VideoLogic Internet Telephone (Full): Make phone calls from PC at fraction of the cost
- Steinberg DJ Player (Full): With basic mixing capabilities
- WinAmp (Full): MP3 / media player
- ACID Express (Restricted): Industry-leading music sequencer
- GoldWave Editor (Restricted): Soundwave editor, player, recorder and converter
- Steinberg Traktor DJ (Restricted): Music player, mixer and editor
- Steinberg Cubasis Inwired (Restricted): Recording and full production studio
- FruityLoops (Restricted): MP3, WAV and MID song loop editor
- Karaoke Player (Full): Sing along to your favourite songs
- CoolEdit 2000 (Restricted): Complete recording studio to record, clean up, mix, master, convert format and edit.
- CodAxe Codec Utility (Full): General-purpose coder using WMM with terrific functionality
- Roland Virtual Sound Canvas (Restricted): Software Synthesiser
- CoolSpeech (Restricted): Text to speech application including clipboard, URLs, email, documents etc.
- OrangeCD Catalogue (Restricted): Music cataloguing and player
- Pianito Studio (Restricted): Keyboard synthesiser and drum machine tracker
- Dart Karaoke (Restricted): Create karaoke from WAV/MP3 files and playback
- Groove Mechanic (Restricted): declick/depop/dehiss vinyl recordings for CD mastering
- AudioCatalyst MP3 (Restricted): MP3 ripper and encoder
- Xing MP3 Player (Restricted): MP3 Player
- 3D Positioning Demos (Full): Rotates soundsource objects in an imaginary room with 3D player



2, 4, 6 speaker configurations
Auto-recognition and status display of digital in signal
Digital out at 48 KHz
2 uncoupled CD inputs
Low signal-to-noise ratio (better than -97dB)


8/16-bit playback & recording with up to 48 kHz (mono/stereo)
Extended full duplex at playback & recording (mono/stereo)
Recording and playback of all audio sources
Sensaura 3D features including MultiDrive, MacroFX and Environment FX


Up to 976 voices
High quality 8 MB sound-set
DLS 1.0 compatible


Individual volume control (all audio sources)
10-band stereo equalizer with presents


Analogue/Digital joystick interface
MPU-401 compatible (UART mode)
SoundBlaster compatible MIDI interface


Digital Out, optical, 48kHz (TOS link) ; AC-3 pass-through support
Digital In, optical, 32, 44.1, 48kHz (TOS link)
3 x Line-Out, stereo (3.5 mm)
Line-In/Headphone-Out (switchable), stereo (3.5mm)
Mic In, mono (3.5mm)
MIDI/Joystick Interface (IBM 15 pin Sub-D)


Digital In, 32, 44.1 and 48kHz
2 x CD Audio In, stereo (MPC3)
Aux In, stereo (MPC3)
Wavetable connector (WaveBlaster pin compatible)


Headphone amplifier, 2 x 60 mW

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