VideoLogic Announces New PURE™ MCP-601ES Multi Channel Amplifier

VideoLogic – a division of Imagination Technologies – has announced the new PURE MCP-601ES, a dedicated slim-line amplifier providing five discrete channels of studio quality performance with a distributed power supply architecture making it capable of high levels of simultaneous drive.

MCP-601ES is one of the first products in the PURE range from VideoLogic. PURE is a new brand for VideoLogic's premium home entertainment and consumer audio products – products that will provide outstanding hi-fi quality and market-leading value. Other new PURE products include the complete LiFE 4/10 home cinema surround audio system, the DRX-601ESM Mini DAB tuner and the DRX-601EX portable DAB radio.

MCP-601ES stylish silver design features an anodised aluminium fascia and silver casework with only one visible control, the Power on/off switch. The result is a sleek and stylish unit that looks at home in even the most elegant of surroundings.

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic: "Many AV amplifiers are great for movies but can prove tiring for prolonged listening to music. We designed the MCP-601ES to be equally capable for both music and AV making it the ideal companion to both DVD and music systems."

The PURE MCP-601ES will be available as part of the complete LiFE 4/10 system, which has a RRP of £2,499 inc. VAT, from VideoLogic's network of hi-fi dealers. It will also be available separately, priced at £549 (RRP). MCP-601ES is the ideal compliment to a digital audio processor, like the PURE DAP-601ES also announced today.

MCP-601ES is a five channel power amplifier capable of sustained 50W RMS per channel output. It features SpiKe™ (Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature ºKE) circuitry for protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, including shorts to the supplies, thermal runaway and instantaneous temperature peaks. MCP-601ES has a dual rail 300VA toroidal power supply transformer, separate power supply systems for the front channels and over 91000µF of smoothing capacitance.

MCP-601ES offers frequency response <10Hz to >100kHz with THD+N (nominal output) of less than 0.01% at 1kHz. Its input Sensitivity of 775mVrms allows it to give max output without clipping. Its power output per channel is better than 45W RMS at 1% THD into 6 Ohms; 55W RMS at 10% THD into 6 Ohms. Power output for all channels simultaneously driven is better than 5 x 45W RMS into 6Ohms at 10% THD.

Connectors include five gold-plated phono inputs (FL, FR, C, SL, SR) and five 4mm touch-proof terminals for connection to speakers.