VideoLogic Launches PURE™ Consumer Electronics Brand

VideoLogic – a division of Imagination Technologies – announces the launch of PURE, a new brand for its premium home entertainment and consumer audio products.

The new brand will capitalise on the award-winning calibre of VideoLogic's home entertainment products, including the DRX family of DAB digital radio tuners and DigiTheatre home cinema surround sound systems. VideoLogic's DRX-601ES was the first digital radio to win a Product of the Year accolade in the What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Awards 2001. The new premium home electronics brand will exist alongside the existing VideoLogic brand allowing the company to create a sharper definition between product ranges and target markets.

The first products under the PURE branding will be the new LiFE 4/10 home cinema surround audio system, the DRX-601ESM Mini DAB tuner and the DRX-601EX portable DAB radio. The already launched DRX products, including DRX-601E, DRX-601ES and DRX-602ES will remain VideoLogic branded.

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic Systems: "VideoLogic has made a significant name for itself in the home entertainment market. Our products have won numerous awards, including Best Buys from What Video & TV and Hi-Fi Choice, Editor's Choice from DVD Review and several 5-star scores from What Hi-Fi. They are widely distributed with over 700 stockists in the UK and we are already making significant in-roads into mainland Europe. With the PURE brand we will make the next step, with a high value, high quality premium product range."

VideoLogic will develop products under the PURE brand targeting a wide variety of consumer technology applications including home cinema, digital radio, hi-fi, and digital audio formats including MP3 and AAC. VideoLogic has already developed consumer electronics products for hi-fi home entertainment companies, including Denon and Acoustic Energy who used VideoLogic's expertise in electronic design to enhance their own branded products.

Continues Dale: "As part of Imagination Technologies we have access to the latest technology for digital audio in its many forms. The PURE brand's mission will be to break new ground in terms of the capabilities of the technology, price performance and quality".

VideoLogic Systems' broad range of PC and computer audio products will remain under the VideoLogic brand.