VideoLogic Announces Competitive 2D/3D Graphics Card for AGP - GrafixStar 560

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has today announced its entry into the AGP market with the launch of its latest 2D/3D graphics card - the GrafixStar 560. Based on the new Cirrus Laguna3D 5465 controller, the GrafixStar 560 is targeted at the home PC and gamer markets and is available for both PCI and AGP PC systems.

The Laguna3D 5465 is the second-generation RaMBus based 2D/3D controller from Cirrus Logic. With a 230MHz RAMDAC and the addition of bus support for AGP, the Laguna3D 5465 now delivers significant performance improvements in DOS, Windows 95 and Direct3D than its predecessor, and supports resolutions of up to 1024x768 in true colour.

The GrafixStar 560 (PCI and AGP) houses 4MB of superfast RaMBus (RDRAM) memory running at 600MHz, TV-out to enable 3D PC games and applications to be displayed on TV, and comes bundled with 8 Direct3D and DOS games (trial versions), £100.00 worth of NewSoft (formerly known as Prolab) multimedia software, SmartTools II and accelerated GrafixMAX drivers for Windows 95.

The GrafixStar 560 is available from November and has an RRP of £99.00, with an expected street price of £89.00. Other versions available to PC OEMs and System Integrators are optional TV-Out and lower cost 500MHz RaMBus memory - these are sampling now.

"The GrafixStar 560 is targeted at customers looking for a performance 2D/3D graphics card at an aggressive price," said Kevin Dale, director of sales and marketing for VideoLogic. "With improved DOS, Windows 95 and Direct3D performance, a great multimedia and games bundle, aggressive pricing and the option of PCI or AGP, the new GrafixStar 560 offers an unbeatable price/performance proposition."Cirrus Laguna3D 5465

Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465 is a high performance 64 bit 2D/3D controller. Over the original Cirrus Laguna3D 5464, the 5465 delivers significantly improved DOS, Windows 95 and Direct3D performance and has enhanced 3D image quality.

The controller has full hardware acceleration with functions including: BitBLTS; perspective correct texture mapping; bilinear texture filtering; MIP mapping; lit, copy, decal and blend textures; texture decompression; 16 bit z-buffer; Gouraud shading; alpha blending, fog, transparency; hardware page flipping, colour expansion for 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit colour; x, y interpolated scaling; RGB-YUV conversion. The integrated 230 MHz palette DAC, clock synthesizer and hardware cursor support non-interlaced resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200.

Direct 3D and DOS Games Bundle

The GrafixStar 560 comes bundled with a selection of Direct3D and DOS games (trial versions):

Game Demo Platform Developer Publisher
Aaron vs Ruth D3D Mindscape Mindscape
Hyperblade D3D Activision Activision
Interstate 76 D3D Activision Activision
Terracide D3D Simis Eidos
Tomb Raider DOS Core Eidos
Destruction Derby 2 DOS Psygnosis Psygnosis

GrafixMAX and Direct3D Drivers

VideoLogic has developed accelerated software drivers for the GrafixStar 560 using its custom designed GrafixMAX technology, which produce an increase in Windows 95 performance of up to 35%. Both the retail and OEM versions of the GrafixStar 560 also come with Microsoft Direct3D drivers compliant with Direct X 5.0.

Free NewSoft Software Bundle

As part of the GrafixStar 560 customer pack, VideoLogic is also bundling £100 of NewSoft multimedia software, free of charge. The NewSoft software package consists of three software titles - ImageFolio, VideoWork and MediaScope.

  • ImageFolio is a multimedia image processing application that allows you to edit, re-shape and colour images, with full twain capability for scanner interface.
  • VideoWork is a video capturing, editing and playback application that can manipulate and compress multiple video formats. Using over 150 transition effects and a wide range of video and audio special effects, VideoWork produces professional customised video on your PC.
  • MediaScope is a three-in-one on-screen multimedia CD player that gives the PC user an easy to use and visual interface for playing Media CDs, Music CDs and MPEG CDs.
VideoLogic Support

The GrafixStar 560 is supplied with software drivers supporting Windows 95, Windows NT, Direct X 5.0 and IBM OS/2. The card is backed by a five year warranty, with 24-hour on-line Internet and Bulletin Board support.