PURE launches i-20, a ground-breaking hi-fi quality digital iPod dock


London, UK 11th November 2010: PURE, the world-leading radio maker, presents i-20, a ground-breaking digital iPod/iPhone dock that allows users to seamlessly integrate their digital music and video collection into their hi-fi or AV system.

Available for just £74.99, PURE’s i-20 is a next generation digital iPod dock, which supports all digital audio output compatible iPod models including the iPod Touch and iPhone. i-20 delivers ultimate flexibility and quality by allowing the user to connect to a hi-fi system or radio* using digital or analogue outputs. When connected via the analogue output, the i-20’s hi-fi quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) ensures that the sound quality from high bit-rate compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks is delivered flawlessly.

i-20 also includes video outputs to allow users to view videos stored on their iPhone or iPod on their TV. i-20 is the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats (component, S-Video and composite†).

Compact, sleek and ergonomically designed, the PURE i-20 will complement any system or room and connects an iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone to any PURE radio* or hi-fi system**. The iPod/ iPhone charges while docked and can be controlled and navigated using the supplied remote control.

Colin Crawford, PURE’s director of marketing, says: “The i-20 truly turbocharges your iPod or iPhone thanks to its superior audio features and is the most convenient way for our customers to listen to an iPod through their existing radio or hi-fi system whilst also charging the iPod and providing remote control.”

i-20 extracts the digital signal from the iPod or iPhone and uses PURE Clearsound digital end-to-end technology to produce its digital audio outputs, ensuring that there is no compromise when connected to a quality digital amplifier or hi-fi system. For its analogue output, i-20 again extracts the digital signal and uses its Cirrus 4353 hi-fi quality DAC and high-precision low-jitter clock to deliver true hi-fi audio performance levels with a -105dB signal to noise ratio,  better than -93dB THD+N and 2V RMS audio output from its 24-bit 192KHz digital audio processor
i-20 comes with a remote control and is part of Apple’s ‘Made for iPod’ and ‘Made for iPhone’ program.

Please visit www.pure.com or call 0845 1489001 for more information.

For more information, please visit www.pure.com or call +44 (0) 845 1489001.

Editor’s Notes
* the majority of current PURE portable radios, micro-systems and selected bedside radios can be connected to the i-20 using the supplied audio cable
** connects to any amplified speaker system and other product with RCA phono line input or S/PDIF digital input
† i-20 comes with a cable for component video

About PURE
PURE is the world’s leading manufacturer of broadcast and internet-connected digital radios, the number one supplier of digital radios in Europe and the creator of the EVOKE-1S, the world’s most popular and iconic digital radio. PURE radios increasingly support all the broadcast standards in the DAB family used across all key markets in Europe and beyond. PURE is also leading the way in internet-connected radios based on its Flow technology and the PURE Lounge portal (www.thelounge.com). Designed and engineered in the UK, all of PURE’s products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at ethically audited facilities. PURE is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com

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