London, UK, 1st November 2007: PURE – the UK's leading portable radio manufacturer - presents the world's first in-car DAB digital radio that doesn't require complicated installation.

The PURE Highway is a complete adaptor solution for the car that allows the user to listen to DAB digital radio on the car's existing FM audio system. It is also possible to connect an iPod or MP3 player and listen to favourite tracks through the car stereo.

Extremely easy to fit, Highway is powered from the cigarette lighter socket and attached to the windscreen with a supplied flexible mount, just like a portable satellite navigation system. A discreet DAB aerial is affixed to the windscreen to supply the DAB signal and Highway then sends the audio to the car's radio on an FM frequency which is picked up just like a normal radio station.

Highway allows DAB enthusiasts to extend their in-home listening to the car. Taking DAB on the road means never missing the match commentary on a long car journey due to poor AM or FM reception or having to listen to the same handful of radio stations every day on the way to work.

Highway has four preloaded presets giving one-touch tuning to Virgin Radio, talkSPORT, Planet Rock and theJazz, some of the UK's most popular, national, commercial DAB digital radio stations. DAB digital radio provides access to many more stations including unique digital only stations. National stations usually broadcast in AM are also available in digital quality. With Highway DAB digital radio stations can be selected alphabetically rather than by frequency.

Highway can even be taken out of the car at the end of a journey and used as a personal DAB radio. There is a stereo output for headphones and two AA batteries give up to six hours of listening on foot.

Paul Smith, general manager of PURE says: ''Although over 5.5 million DAB radios have been sold in the UK, less than 2% of these are for the car. Five years ago, PURE created a market from scratch with the EVOKE-1 and we firmly believe that Highway will kick-start the in-car DAB market in the same way.

Despite being easy to use, Highway is also rich in features. PURE's ReVu™ technology enables listeners to pause and rewind live DAB radio so they never miss a track title or traffic news update. If the FM signal transmitted by Highway is disrupted by a local FM station, a quick press of the quickSCAN button means Highway automatically skips to the next free FM slot and the user simply needs to retune their car stereo. Other features include four FM transmit presets for instant tuning; 20 DAB station presets; new features can even be added as they become available via USB.

Highway will be available in time for Christmas at £69.99 (SRP) from all good stockists. Please log onto www.pure.com or call +44 (0)1923 277488 for more information.