PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – presents the new PURE Legato II, a luxury micro system that looks as remarkable as it sounds. It retails for around £349.99 (SRP inc. VAT) and will be available from November 2006. The radio will be premiered at the What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision show in London from November 3rd 2006.

Says Colin Crawford, Director of Marketing, PURE Digital: "Legato was the first DAB micro system where equal attention had been given to the looks as well as the performance – and the public loved it. Legato II is set to build on that success by adding new finishes, must-have features and significant audio enhancements. With its sleek lines, leading-edge hi-fi performance and the warm tactile appeal of wood, Legato II stands out a mile from the hi-fi crowd."

Available in classic cherry veneer; cool, modern maple veneer; or stunning high-lacquer piano black, Legato II comes as standard with matching speakers. These feature custom-wound drive units and expertly tuned second-order crossovers delivering 30W RMS per channel of class leading audio. Legato II is also available as a centre console unit without speakers.

Legato II's classic looks hide a raft of advanced functions, many of which are only available from PURE.

The Electronic Programme Guide allows users to view seven days radio listings and set multiple timers to record over 30* hours of radio to SD memory card* for playback on Legato II or an SD-compatible portable player such as the PURE PocketDAB® 2000. Legato II also plays MP3 files from an SD card or CD.

Intellitext automatically stores news headlines, sports results, and more so the information is available anytime**. ReVu™ technology means that interruptions no longer spoil radio listening – users just pause live DAB radio, or rewind if they've missed something.

Legato II features up to 20 alarms to wake users up to their choice of DAB, FM, CD or MP3 and up to 20 'tune-in to listen' or record timers.*** <.p>

Legato II is 'USB Upgradeable' over an Internet connection (PC required). Whether it's enhancements to the DAB standard or new features from PURE, the USB connector enables users to keep their Legato II up to date. Users can also transfer recordings and MP3 files between a PC and Legato II over the USB connection.

Legato II's CD player is CD-R and CD-RW playback compatible with support for CD Text and audio CD playlists (up to 20 tracks) as well as multiple playback modes (repeat, shuffle, etc.). Legato II plays back users MP3-CDs, including support for ID3 tags and M3U playlists. Other features include a fully featured remote control (batteries included) and an easy to read graphical LCD display.

DAB digital radio provides up to 55 stations in some areas, including BBC radios 1-4, BBC Five Live Sports Extra, BBC7, Classic FM, Virgin, Planet Rock and Oneword. Visit www.pure.com for the list of stations in any postcode area.

For FM listeners there's RDS support for station name display and RDS scrolling text. Legato II provides easy access to its radio content with 99 DAB presets and 24 FM presets.

Legato II comes with a comprehensive two year warranty. PURE's service department exists to make sure users enjoy their PURE product. The UK based support team can be reached on +44 (0)1923 277477, e-mail support@pure.com or visit the dedicated support area at www.pure.com.

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