VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS in Courts Stores Now

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has announced that Courts has made VideoLogic's award winning DigiTheatre DTS home cinema audio system available through stores across the UK.

60 Courts stores are now stocking DigiTheatre DTS from their PowerZone departments. Courts is currently celebrating 150 years of retailing success that started in 1850 when the first store opened in Canterbury. Courts has 96 stores in the UK, 57 of which are superstores.

Built using high-end hi-fi components, with six dedicated speakers including a powerful subwoofer and integrated multi-channel amplifier, DigiTheatre DTS is the complete surround sound system for both DTS and Dolby Digital movies. Its hi-fi quality speakers provide a spacious sound stage, capturing every detail of the movie soundtrack with fast, precise positioning of effects and thunderous bass, yet the system costs just £399.99 (inc. VAT).

Courts is also offering an unbeatable deal on a complete home cinema solution for just £999 - a saving of £100 on the separate selling price of the system - which includes a Hitachi 28 - NICAM Widescreen TV (usually £469.99) and Hitachi DVP305 DVD player (usually £229.99) as well as the VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS (usually £399.)

The DigiTheatre range has made a considerable impact in the DVD market by offering comprehensive features at price points previously unheard of for such a high performance home cinema system. DigiTheatre DTS has already taken a dozen awards including Best For Value - DVD Review, Editor's Choice - DVD Review, Seal of Approval - DVD Times, Best Buy - What Video & TV and 5/5 from Home Entertainment.

About Courts

There are now 96 stores in the UK, 57 of which are superstores. Courts UK buys furnishings both locally and from overseas with electrical goods taking an increasing share of sales. In the last financial year Courts opened six new superstores in the UK with an average gross area of about 35,000sq ft. Courts continues its development of showrooms incorporating a wide range of products for the home under one roof and aims to be the clear market leader in this sector. Courts employs 8,500 people world-wide, 2,800 in the UK.