Digital Radios For Christmas

The digital radio industry and High Street electrical retailer Dixons have linked up to promote digital radios to consumers this Christmas. An airtime campaign designed to persuade listeners to buy the new VideoLogic DRX-601E tuner at the all-time low price of £299 runs on leading national and local commercial radio stations across the country.

The two-week campaign begins on Monday, December 4 and further airtime is planned for after the Christmas period. It comes on the back of Psion Interactive's announcement that Dixons and PC World stores are also stocking its WaveFinder product which turns a PC into a digital radio.

Valued at more than £300,000, the total package includes air-time, in-store POS, retailer training and incentives. It is funded by Digital One and leading radio broadcasting groups as part of a united, concerted strategy to grow the digital radio market in the UK in advance of the Digital Radio Development Bureau.

Quentin Howard, Chief Executive of Digital One, operator of the national commercial multiplex says: "This is another milestone in digital radio. The product is now more affordable than ever and widely available in the UK's major High Street retailer. We will see more marketing initiatives of this kind once the DRDB is fully established in the New Year."