VideoLogic Digital Radio Tuner in Dixons Shops for 2000

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has announced that it has signed a deal with Dixons Group to make the VideoLogic DRX-601E Digital Radio Tuner available first through selected Dixons stores across the UK.

The DRX-601E is a remarkable product designed to bring Digital Audio Broadcast technology to the mass market for the first time. The unit connects to any hi-fi to provide digital audio quality radio reception and data services including exclusive digital radio stations like Ministry of Sound and Planet Rock. The DRX-601E breaks the price barrier that has kept digital radio from achieving mass-market adoption with a RRP of just £299 - several hundred pounds less than typical DAB receivers currently available.

Over one hundred Dixons stores will be stocking the DRX-601E in their Hi-Fi separates' department. Dixons is the UK's leading high street retailer of consumer electronics, selling the largest range of TV, video, audio, personal computer, photographic and communications technology. The VideoLogic DRX-601E will be available in Dixons stores at the end of November and will be exclusive to Dixons stores until December 31st 2000.

Says Stephen Bell, category manager Hi-Fi, Dixons: "VideoLogic and Dixons are bringing hi-fi digital radio to the market under the consumer's price barrier. Now the full quality and improved service of digital radio is finally available to all, exclusively from Dixons. Most people listen to the radio as much as to CD or MiniDisc. Digital Radio means that sound quality no longer has to be second best."

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic: "Advances in digital radio technology, and our high performance design, allow the DRX-601E tuner to be priced affordably without sacrificing great looks and audio quality. With Dixons and VideoLogic working together radio fans will get the receiver they have been waiting for in time for Christmas."

Says Quentin Howard, CEO, Digital One: "We are delighted that VideoLogic and Dixons are introducing this exciting product, which will bring the pleasure and quality of digital radio to a much wider audience and at an affordable price. Just as digital television will replace analogue broadcast, digital radio will replace FM, MW and AM radio broadcasts with high-quality audio fit for the 21st century. That's why everyone calls it 'Digital Radio - Tomorrow's Wireless'."

As well as crystal-clear reception and high-detail digital-quality sound, DRX-601E can provide additional information including station identification, track listings, traffic and news data or other text, which is displayed on the integral LCD screen. DRX-601E has a high quality slim-line aluminium fascia with a very easy to use interface. The stylish design is intended to complement a separates system, either as an additional input source to an amplifier or as a replacement for an existing radio tuner. The system is accompanied by a fully featured infrared remote control for the easy selection of station presets, or secondary service broadcasts and display information.

DRX-601E has high performance 24-bit / 96 kHz delta sigma digital to analogue converters for high-quality stereo digital audio, a low noise toroidal transformer power supply, fast auto-tune and service selection as well as nine station presets operated from the remote control. DRX-601E includes a full suite of input and output features for maximum connectivity including: S/PDIF digital output (48Khz) via both Toslink and coax connectors for direct digital recording to MiniDisc, CD-R or DAT, loop through circuit for external FM/AM tuner, RF connector for DAB antenna connection. An RDI (Receiver Data Interface) optical port is also fitted for future expansion and connectivity.