VideoLogic Introduces Sirocco Crossfire Speaker System to USA at Comdex

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has announced the launch of its Sirocco Crossfire quad speaker system for PC users in the USA. Sirocco Crossfire is part of the award-winning Sirocco speaker family, which are already available in Europe and Australia, where they have taken numerous awards from the press. Sirocco Crossfire will be available in the USA in May 2000.

Sirocco Crossfire is a 4.1 speaker set comprising an amplifier, subwoofer and four satellite speakers. For true HRTF 3D positional audio the four speaker Sirocco Crossfire is unrivalled, providing superb surround sound for PC gamers based on VideoLogic's award winning Sirocco speaker system. Sirocco Crossfire costs just $449.

Kevin Dale, VP worldwide marketing and sales, says: "More and more soundcards are available with front and rear outputs, but few speaker systems provide four speaker support, and none provide the level of sound quality of our Sirocco brand. Sirocco Crossfire provides an exciting new implementation for 3D positional audio with the hi-fi quality and remarkable value for which our Sirocco range is renowned."

Sirocco Crossfire is the ideal complement to VideoLogic's SonicVortex2 soundcard, based on Aureal's Vortex2 chip, which provides stunning 3D positional sound for games using Aureal A3D 2.0/1.0 and DirectSound 3D. When used together the result is sensational audio for PC gamers.

The Sirocco Crossfire drive units are produced by Audax, part of Harman Industries and one of the leading suppliers to the high-end hi-fi industry.

The system's subwoofer is the same as that used in VideoLogic's award winning Sirocco speaker system which has taken numerous awards in Europe including PC Magazine UK's Technical Innovation Award for Best Multimedia Product 1998. The amplifier is a modified version that maintains the same power supply and amplifier subsystems.

VideoLogic's Sirocco range provides remarkable hi-fi quality sound at remarkable price points by applying VideoLogic's design skills combined with low-cost manufacturing techniques and components from the hi-fi industry. The components and techniques used in the manufacture of all the Sirocco product family are those used in hi-fi and pro audio equipment. Within the same categories, no other speaker systems come close to the Sirocco family's hi-fi quality sound.

With three separate inputs, Sirocco Crossfire can also be used for home cinema surround sound or stereo surround sound from a CD or MiniDisc. Sirocco Crossfire can easily be connected to a variety of other devices with line-level output including NICAM TVs, mini stereo systems, portable MP3 players and DVD players.Technical Information

  • PSU: Dual power rails with 28,000 µF smoothing capacitance
  • C-Core toroidal transformer
  • Rear phase inversion via switch on rear of amplifier
  • 100w RMS output power
  • Hi-Fi quality drive units from Audax
  • All drive units magnetically shielded
  • Three line level inputs