VideoLogic Redefines the Cost of Home Cinema

VideoLogic - a division of Imagination Technologies - has today announced that its DigiTheatre 5.1 Dolby Digital / AC3 decoder and speaker system will launch in the USA in December 1999. DigiTheatre specifically targets the growing market for stand-alone DVD players, as well as PC users with DVD-ROM, and provides a high-quality cinema-style sound for just $399.

DigiTheatre will be available from VideoLogic's existing network of dealers and resellers including Interactive Video Solutions and and from the VideoLogic web store at VideoLogic is actively seeking further distributor and reseller partners for the US market.

In the United Kingdom DigiTheatre has been ecstatically received with awards from leading publications including What Video & TV Magazine (Recommended), DVD Review (Best Value) and Computer Buyer (Recommended).

Kevin Dale, VP worldwide marketing and sales, says: "To really appreciate the outstanding quality of DVD movies you need Dolby Digital surround sound. However, most Dolby Digital decoders are very high-cost items, even if we don't factor in the cost of the required amplifier, speakers and subwoofer. Our DigiTheatre is the first product to provide high-quality Dolby Digital functionality at an astonishingly low price."

DigiTheatre provides full Dolby Digital / AC3 decoding and output from a complete system that includes six speakers (two rear, two front, one centre, one subwoofer), six integrated amplifiers and a separate Dolby Digital / AC3 decoder box. DigiTheatre also provides MPEG2 surround, stereo surround and full legacy support for Dolby Pro Logic.

Although DigiTheatre has been designed for use with any DVD device - from stand-alone players to PCs with DVD-ROM and S/PDIF output - it also provides legacy support for Pro Logic devices, such as a stereo VCR or TV.

DigiTheatre has been styled in charcoal and black for a living room setting and also looks great next to a PC.

Not only does DigiTheatre provide high-quality audio output but also the little touches like an optical digital input, as well as the common coaxial one, custom LCD display and a full function compact-remote control, that make real differences to usability. Analog phono inputs are provided for Dolby Pro Logic or music surround and the cabling is designed to be neat and easy to install.

Other DigiTheatre features include: powerful satellite speakers for all channels; individual volume control for each speaker; individual delay control surround and centre speakers; decoding for digital audio; a speaker test function; LCD display; bass management and speaker configuration. All of these functions are accessible from both the front panel of the decoder box and the included remote control.

DigiTheatre's compact satellites have been designed with ease of mounting in mind. The front speakers have a separate tweeter and mid-range cone and the centre and surround speakers have full frequency drive units. The subwoofer contains all the necessary power supply and six amplifiers.

DigiTheatre is supplied with a two-year warranty and backed by world-wide customer support, including technical support hotlines and an Internet web site.