VideoLogic Launches New Web Store

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has launched an online shop on its website to deliver VideoLogic products to end-users worldwide.

VideoLogic has a wide range of award-winning PC and home entertainment products including 3D graphics cards, sound cards, speaker systems, web-cameras, DVD decoders and Dolby Digital 5.1 Home Cinema Systems.

Key products featured on the website include the Neon 250 - the graphics cards based on the PC version of the PowerVR Series2 technology, which is also used in Sega's Dreamcast console - and the revolutionary Sirocco range of hi-fi quality PC speaker systems.

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "Over the past months we have introduced a wide range of high performance products that have received a terrific reception from both press and end users. Our online store now provides customers from around the world with a quick, convenient method of purchasing from our award winning range."

The new web store has been implemented to supplement the activities of VideoLogic's existing channel of distributors and resellers and provide the company with global reach. The online store is part of VideoLogic Systems' strategic focus on e-commerce, both direct and in conjunction with its reseller partners.