VideoLogic Announces Sirocco Pro Audio Speaker System

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has today announced an ultra-high performance addition to its award-winning Sirocco range. The new Sirocco Pro design brings broadcast studio performance to home studios and PC-based musicians.

Designed and built to exacting professional standards, the Sirocco Pro out-performs studio monitoring systems many times its price. It manages to achieve a remarkable price point by applying VideoLogic's design skills combined with low-cost manufacturing techniques. Sirocco Pro provides a full specification including two satellite speakers, large subwoofer, five power amps, three-way active filtering, dual shelving filter tone adjustment and a high performance 96 Hz 24-bit DAC (digital to analog converter). It is available now from VideoLogic's network of distributors and resellers for just £549 (inc. VAT UK).

Says Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems: "Our original Sirocco speaker system radically reset people's expectations of just what was possible in PC audio. Sirocco Pro takes the Sirocco range to a new level, delivering a level of performance that will leave studio professionals seriously impressed but with a price-point that PC audio enthusiasts and home musicians have been waiting for."

As an ultra high-performance version of the award-winning Sirocco speaker system, Sirocco Pro is the ultimate integrated active pro-audio speaker system.

Ideal for home recording and mixing studios, video editing and post-production, hi-fi, MP3 mastering and corporate presentation systems, Sirocco Pro can be used with any device with a line-level output including mixing desks, video game consoles, CD players, MiniDisc players, NICAM TVs, mini-stereo systems, portable MP3 and DVD players as well as PCs. Sirocco Pro easily connects to any digital device with a coaxial or optical S/PDIF output or analog line-level output for near perfect sound reproduction.

The components and techniques in Sirocco Pro's construction are those used in both true hi-fi and pro audio equipment. Its drive units use the latest technologies - ferrofluid cooling and neodymium magnets plus high-performance textile domes for the tweeters, and highly accurate high definition aerogel (HDA) cones for the subwoofer and bass/midrange units which provide consistently clean and neutral sound quality even at the highest volumes. At low volume Sirocco Pro still provides full, detailed sound reproduction. Sirocco Pro's speakers and subwoofer are wood construction MDF cabinets containing high-quality, magnetically shielded drive units from Audax, renowned in the hi-fi market for their sound quality.

The complete speaker system includes two trapezoidal satellite speakers, each with bass/midrange and separate tweeter, large non-directional subwoofer, and a five channel power amplifier with an integrated 96 kHz 24-bit DAC. All speaker interconnects are equipped with secure, easy-to-use locking XLR connectors and the audiophile quality DAC can be used stand-alone due to the provision of a line level analog output on the rear panel.

Highly efficient drive units mean that the 100W RMS system provides over 110 dB max SPL (sound pressure level), more than enough power for the semi professional or home mixing studio, PC, Hi-Fi, music lover or games fanatic. Three-way active filters provide accurate phase and frequency response for superb stereo imaging and resolution.

For users who want to make sure their stereo mix is absolutely precise, Sirocco Pro's 'Monitor' control cuts out the subwoofer amplifier and switches the active filters to drive the satellites full range for true stereo monitoring.The Power To Perform

Due to the power supply's high-performance toroidal transformer and 40,000 µF of smoothing capacitance, Sirocco Pro can sustain high output levels whilst maintaining superb dynamics and exceptional transient performance.

Sirocco Pro's high-performance, fully active amplifier design includes two independent amplifiers per satellite, plus two bridged amplifiers for the subwoofer. Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature (°Ke) (SPiKe™ ) Protection Circuitry provides protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, including shorts to the supplies, thermal runaway, and instantaneous temperature peaks.

Sirocco Pro's amplifier system provide 25W RMS per channel to the satellites and 50W RMS to the subwoofer. Full system (all channels driven): 100W RMS at 1% THD. The frequency response of the amplifer sub-system is from < 10 Hz to > 100 kHz and THD (at nominal output) is less than 0.01% at 1 kHz.

Sirocco Pro is supplied with a two-year warranty and backed by world-wide customer support, including technical support hotlines and an Internet web site.