Peacock Systeme GmbH Selects PowerVR for TAKE Entertainer PC Range

Peacock Systeme GmbH has become the first European PC manufacturer to adapt PowerVR for its new range of entertainment PCs - TAKE Entertainer.

The TAKE Entertainer PC has been designed specifically for the multimedia and gaming enthusiast and will be available across Europe, with main emphasis on the German market, before Christmas. Peacock Systeme GmbH is one of the leading German PC manufacturers and Peacock AG is one of the biggest distributors in Europe.

"In the last 6 months we have seen an explosion of demand for 3D and multimedia from the European consumer PC sector," said Uwe Kappius, Peacock's European consumer PC product manager. "PowerVR delivers the best 3D price/performance for the PC today and makes the TAKE Entertainer PC the ultimate arcade 3D games system for the home."

The Take Entertainer PC is a Pentium 133-based mini tower and is supplied with the PowerVR based Apocalypse 3D accelerator from VideoLogic and 2 special PowerVR games - MechWarrior 2 from Activision and ULTIM@TE RACE from Mindscape Bordeaux. Further PowerVR games will be available around Christmas and in Q1'97 from leading games developers such as SEGA; Activision; Looking Glass Technologies Inc; Mindscape International; Mindscape Bordeaux; Virtuality KK; Psygnosis Ltd and Gremlin Interactive Ltd.

The PC also comes supplied with 1.6 Gb hard drive, an 8 speed CD ROM, soundblaster 32 pnp card and 24Mb RAM. The TAKE Entertainer PC will be available in Europe for under 3,000dm (£1,300).

"We are very excited to have one of the largest European PC manufacturers backing PowerVR in Europe," said Kevin Dale, European sales and marketing manager for VideoLogic. "PowerVR has already made the critical leap from exciting 3D technology to commercial product, and we are delighted to make the first public announcement concerning our European OEM partners."

The Apocalypse 3D card is a single slot half length PCI card for Pentium based Windows 95 PCs. The card uses the PowerVR based NEC PCX1 chip to create real time 3D rendering, and is compatible with DirectDraw-enabled 2D graphics cards or controllers. Apocalypse 3D is supplied with 4Mb of high performance SDRAM texture memory on board.About PEACOCK

PEACOCK Systeme GmbH is one of the leading German PC manufactures and PEACOCK AG one of the biggest distributors in Europe. PEACOCK, founded in 1978, pursues an unremitting policy of quality and customer focus. The company involves its distributors and associates throughout the world, right from the drawing-board stage, so that its customers get the best possible products, systems and services. Another of PEACOCK's policies is to act as a single-source supplier for optimum compatibility and practicality. A respect for the environment and an emphasis on ergonomics are just as essential as perfect service and support.