Pure makes multiroom audio even more accessible with new Jongo promotion


Customers encouraged to pair their Jongos and ‘immerse themselves in stereo sound'

Jongo Vibrant Family App 

London, 1st May 2014Pure is making multiroom audio even more accessible this spring with a two month price promotion for its Jongo wireless speaker system.

Pure will be encouraging customers to pair their Jongo speakers and listen in stereo sound. The Jongo T2 speaker will now be available at £99.99, Jongo T4 at £149.99, Jongo T6 at £199.99 and Jongo S3 portable speaker at £149.99, providing a saving of at least 20% per speaker. Customers are not required to purchase any additional equipment such as a bridge to use Jongo so they can start a basic multiroom system for as little as £199.99.

Says Nick Hucker, Pure’s director of marketing: “Mainstream consumers are very familiar with streaming to a single speaker via Bluetooth but most have yet to experiment with multiroom audio. We know this market is about to explode; 95% of all home audio shipments are expected to have wireless features by 2017 and speakers incorporating Wi-Fi have already grown by 75 per cent to 2.3 million units so connecting speakers to the home Wi-Fi network will become the norm*. This new and aggressive pricing for Jongo will allow our customers to try out multiroom audio starting with a pair of speakers and then build their system.”

Pure’s Jongo wireless speaker system uses Caskeid** (pronounced cascade), a licensable technology developed by its parent company, Imagination Technologies. This technology delivers exceptionally accurate synchronized wireless multiroom connected audio streaming. The unique and patented Caskeid technology delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 25µs synchronisation accuracy, providing a true ‘Wi-Fi Hi-Fi’ experience that is good enough to replace wires, satisfying even the most demanding audiophile. This level of synchronisation is particularly important when listening in stereo pairs as it ensures the listener will not perceive any shift in the audio landscape.

Pure will also shortly be announcing the availability of Bluetooth Caskeid, a new feature that enables its Jongo wireless multiroom speaker system to be used with any music streaming service including Pandora, Rdio, Deezer and Spotify, as well as any audio or radio app.

For more information, please visit www.pure.com or www.caskeid.com

Editor’s Notes


** Pure uses Caskeid technology, developed by Pure’s parent company, Imagination Technologies, to deliver the world’s most accurately synchronised wireless multiroom audio experience. This level of synchronisation was previously only possible with wired systems and accurate synchronisation is vital when listening in stereo. Wireless systems are technically challenging to implement and are often impacted by unreliable network or unfavourable environmental conditions. The threat of instability can really impact the listening experience, especially when listening in stereo or ultimately 5.1 surround sound. That's because the human ear can typically detect a deviation of between 50 microseconds between speakers. With Caskeid technology the deviation is less than 25 microseconds. This means that listeners can hear each individual instrument and vocal performance as it was created in the studio with no drift or shift in the stereo landscape.

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Pure is a world leading consumer electronics manufacturer and leads the way in music streaming and radio systems, multiroom audio and entertainment cloud services with the Pure Connect portal www.pureconnect.com as well as innovating in new areas such as the TV set top box market. Designed and engineered in the UK, all of Pure’s products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at ethically audited facilities. Pure is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.


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