PURE Digital Demonstrates Most Advanced Handheld DAB Radio

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – is demonstrating PocketDAB 2000, which combines two of the hottest categories in consumer electronics – DAB digital radio and MP3 – into one stylish handheld device at the High End Show in Munich.

PocketDAB 2000 features DAB and FM (UKW) radio; ReVu™ to pause and rewind DAB digital radio; and MP3 playback from SD memory card (64MB included). It enables listeners to record DAB radio programmes and tracks to SD memory card, even while on the move.

The new TxtStor™ feature enables users to save the scrolling DAB text messages broadcast by most stations and refer back for phone numbers, track names, web addresses etc.

This groundbreaking product from PURE is the first to combine all of these features in a handheld device and will be available later this year.

Says Kevin Dale, general manager, PURE Digital: "With PocketDAB 2000 listeners will be able to enjoy digital radio or MP3 while jogging, commuting or at a sporting event. They can even record whole programmes to listen to later or pause and rewind live DAB radio if they're interrupted. If they arrive at their destination while their favourite programme is on, they can record the rest to SD card. It's the next step in the evolution of the DAB digital radio, and another first from PURE."

PocketDAB 2000 is the world's most advanced handheld ReVu DAB/FM radio and combined MP3 player. Seamlessly blending style and ease of use with leading-edge technology the PocketDAB 2000 takes mobile audio to new levels.

With support for FM as well as all DAB frequencies, PocketDAB 2000 is the perfect mobile audio companion. Its tri-band receiver handles all Band III and L-Band DAB as well as FM (UKW) signals for use in the UK and worldwide1. PocketDAB 2000 supports a wide selection of European languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Swedish).

The DAB transmission standard provides high-quality, interference-free digital audio without the hiss, crackle and fade of analogue broadcasts. PocketDAB 2000 locates all available DAB stations quickly and easily using the autotune feature and users then select them by name. The radio can list stations alphabetically or by most listened to. Scrolling text shows additional data such as song titles, artists' names, programme descriptions, news headlines and more.

Editors' Notes

1 excluding Canada. The Frontier Chorus FS1010, which incorporates the revolutionary META™ multi-threaded processor and DAB technologies developed by Imagination Technologies' Metagence and Ensigma divisions, powers PocketDAB 2000.