Wayne Hemingway and PURE Digital Spread The Bug

PURE Digital – the world leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios – and design guru Wayne Hemingway have teamed up to create a DAB digital radio with striking looks and advanced features including MP3 playback and ReVu™, which lets users pause, rewind and record live radio.

Key features
  • DAB digital radio for more stations and digital-quality interference-free sound
  • ReVu™ - Pause, rewind and record live radio
  • Playback MP3 files (SD Card required)
  • Record to SD Card or to an external MiniDisc player
  • Alarm, sleep and timer record functions
  • Display shows scrolling artist, song title, news, sports results and more
  • Flexible display neck
Designed to revolutionise radio listening

The Bug, available in either white and chrome or graphite-metallic and chrome finishes, is the most fully featured DAB radio on the market and will appeal to the young at heart of all ages. It has both award winning British engineering pedigree from the company that revolutionized DAB in the UK and a great design from Wayne Hemmingway, which is sure to make it a talking point in any room.

Wayne Hemingway is the highly successful co-founder of Red or Dead (three time British Fashion Council "Street Style Designer of the Year" winner) and of Hemingway Design. Says Hemingway, "Digital radio has been a real British success story. It's an area in which we lead the world and PURE Digital's radios have really led the way. Now they're investing in British design to take DAB digital radio to the next level."

Says Kevin Dale, president, PURE Digital, "I think Wayne may have been joking when he suggested in a national newspaper that we let him design a radio, but the results really embody the passion and wit of Wayne and the team at PURE. The BUG looks fantastic and adds features that will totally change the way people listen to and interact with their radios forever."

The Bug will be available from launch partners on May 13th 2004, including Simplyradios.com and selected Argos, Comet, Currys, Dixons and John Lewis stores. SSP £149.99 inc VAT.

Editor's Notes

Pictures of The Bug and review samples are available now. Wayne Hemingway is available for interview. Call 01923 277 354.

Tell Me More

Phone ringing?
Pause live radio, talk, and then restart the radio from where you left off.

Missed something?
Don't worry, rewind live radio* and play it again.

Really like that track?
If you need to hear that track again, even though it's almost over, don't panic. Just rewind and hit record.** Playback your recordings or MP3s on your Bug or convert them to MP3 on your PC for playback on your portable MP3 player or MP3 enabled phone or PDA.

Out and about?
Too busy to stay in and listen to the radio? Set the timer, record your favourite programmes to SD card*** and listen to them later.

Rise… And shine
Wake to your favourite station. Set special weekday and weekend settings to wake when you want. Choose different alarm times and stations for you and your partner.

Got the time?
Your Bug always has the time for you. And it's always the right time too. A broadcast time signal makes sure your clock and alarm are always right, even when the clocks change.

Bed or breakfast?
So at night you like evening shows and in the morning, breakfast shows. The Bug will happily let you go to sleep to one station and wake to another.

So many stations, so little time
The Bug lets you store your ten favourite stations for easy recall.

Reasons to be cheerful
And if the stuff above isn't enough, there's a high-resolution adjustable display; SD card slot; USB connector for PC connection; optical output; amazing sound; stereo speakers; selectable EQ settings; full Band III reception for all UK DAB broadcasts; and a designer pedigree!

* 5-12 minutes depending on transmission
** for personal use only
*** SD card not included

Techie Stuff

Description: Stereo digital radio with full Band III reception capability, for reception of all UK DAB broadcasts. Compliant with ETS 300 401 and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 384 kbps.

Frequency Range: Band III, 174 - 240 MHz, with fast autotune feature.

Speakers: Two 3" x 1.5" custom-wound oval drive units.

Input Connectors: USB; Secure Digital memory card slot; 9V DC power; RF F for 75 Ohm DAB aerial (telescopic aerial supplied).

Output Connectors: 3.5 mm headphone; 3.5 mm stereo; USB; Secure Digital memory card slot; and Optical (S/PDIF) Toslink connector.

Base Section Controls: Navigator with centre select/standby, Menu, Record, Autotune, Info and ReVu/Snooze.

Display Section Controls: Six context-sensitive navigation and dynamic preset buttons. Angle-adjustable Display: High-visibility fully graphical blue/white display with 122x32 dot graphics.

Power Supply: Mains via 230 AC to 9V DC external power adapter. Dimensions (mm): 179 deep x 285 wide x 236 high (not including aerial).

Visit www.thebug.com (after May 13th) for more information.
The BUG has been proudly brought to you by… PURE Digital, a division of Imagination Technologies. PURE Digital produces a range of innovative, award-winning products in the consumer entertainment and PC markets.

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