Voyetra Turtle Beach to Sell VideoLogic Sirocco and DigiTheatre Speaker Systems in USA

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has today announced that five models from its range of award-winning speakers will be available in North America from Turtle Beach. The products will be available from the Turtle Beach e-commerce Web site (http://www.turtle-beach.com) and customer service center (1-800-233-9377 or 914-966-0600) beginning June 2000.

The five models include three members of the award-winning Sirocco family - Sirocco Crossfire, a 4.1 surround sound system for gamers, Sirocco Spirit, a high performance desktop mini-monitor set-up, Sirocco Pro, a powerful system for home musicians and studios and the award-winning DigiTheatre and DigiTheatre DTS all-in-one home cinema audio systems.

Says Kevin Dale, President, VideoLogic Systems: "We are delighted that Turtle Beach, one of the leading names in the PC audio industry, is putting its support behind the Sirocco and DigiTheatre brands in this way. Our speakers are the perfect compliment to the excellent range of soundcards and software products already available from Turtle Beach's webshop."

Says Frederick Romano, Executive Vice-President, Voyetra Turtle Beach: "The Sirocco range of speaker systems has radically reset expectations of just what is possible in PC audio. Sirocco speakers deliver a level of performance that will leave audiophiles seriously impressed but with a price-point that PC audio enthusiasts and home musicians have been waiting for."

The Sirocco range of speakers have created a paradigm shift in computer audio winning over 25 press awards - including the prestigious PC Magazine UK Technical Innovation Award for Best Multimedia Product, Millennium Product status from the UK Design Council and the first ever

3D Sound Surge Platinum Medal of Excellence. The components and techniques used in the manufacture of all the Sirocco product family are those used in hi-fi and pro audio equipment. Within the same categories, no other speaker systems come close to the Sirocco family's hi-fi quality sound.

Styled in black, and complete with remote controls, DigiTheatre and DigiTheatre DTS are ideally suited for use with stand-alone DVD players in the living room and can also be used with DVD-capable PCs with S/PDIF Dolby Digital or DTS output. These outstanding all-in-one home cinema surround sound systems each provide six-speakers and stunning audio decode for an immersive cinema experience that captures every detail of the movie soundtrack with fast, precise positioning of effects and thunderous bass.Range Information

Sirocco Spirit - High-performance Active Speakers

Featuring two desktop speakers with an integrated amplifier and Dynamic Virtual Sub TechnologyTM, the Sirocco Spirit design brings amazing high-end, hi-fi quality sound to the PC at a great price point. Sirocco Spirit embodies the essence of the Sirocco range's audio quality and high production standards in a discrete desktop stereo speaker system that exceeds the audio quality of most bulky sub/speaker combinations and is ideal for, studio mixing, multimedia PCs and users with limited space

Sirocco Crossfire - The Ultimate 3D Speaker System

Sirocco Crossfire provides stunning 3D positional sound for games, or 3D music programs like Future Beat 3D, and is the ideal complement to any four-channel soundcard, including VideoLogic's SonicVortex2 and Turtle Beach's Montego II Quadzilla. Sirocco Crossfire is a 4.1 speaker set comprising an amplifier, subwoofer and four satellite speakers. For true HRTF 3D positional audio and high-quality music Sirocco Crossfire's high-quality is unrivalled amongst 4.1 systems.

Sirocco Pro - Professional Active Monitor System

The cutting-edge Sirocco Pro design from VideoLogic brings real studio performance to PC-based musicians and home studios at a ground breaking price point. The fully active Sirocco Pro includes two satellites, a subwoofer and amplifier and provides an outstanding specification with sub override (for true stereo monitoring), active filtering, attitude control and a 24 bit 96 kHz DAC (digital to analog converter). Designed and built to exacting professional standards, Sirocco Pro out-performs and out-features studio monitoring systems costing many times its price.

DigiTheatre DTS - DTS/Dolby Digital Decode & Speaker System

The DigiTheatre DTS digital home cinema audio system provides outstanding hi-fi quality audio for Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS (Digital Theater System) movies with over 175W RMS of power.

DigiTheatre DTS turns a DTS or Dolby Digital compatible DVD player into a complete home cinema system, transforming movies with a digital soundtrack into a truly compelling home cinema experience. Built using high-end hi-fi components, with six dedicated speakers including a powerful subwoofer and integrated multi-channel amplifier, DigiTheatre DTS' hi-fi quality speakers provide a spacious sound stage, capturing every detail of the movie soundtrack with fast, precise positioning of effects and thunderous bass.

DigiTheatre - 5.1 Dolby Digital / AC3 Decode & Speaker System

To really appreciate the outstanding quality of DVD movies you need Dolby Digital surround-sound. VideoLogic's DigiTheatre is the first product to provide high-quality Dolby Digital functionality at an astonishingly low price. The DigiTheatre 5.1 Dolby Digital / AC3 decoder and speaker system specifically targets the growing market for stand-alone DVD players, as well as PC users with DVD-ROM, and provides an immersive high-quality cinema-style sound experience.

About Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Since its founding in 1975, Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. has earned a worldwide reputation as the Multimedia Sound Specialists™. VTB's Turtle Beach Systems division is a leading provider of premier audio hardware for the PC platform. In addition to a full line of multimedia sound and music software titles for consumers, audio enthusiasts and professionals, Voyetra also provides audio utilities, software applications, hardware drivers, as well as consulting and engineering services to the multimedia industry.. Visit www.turtle-beach.com for further information.