VideoLogic Announces Multimedia Systems

VideoLogic has today announced the re-organisation of its worldwide sales and marketing operations and the creation of a Multimedia Systems (MMS) with it's own dedicated sales and marketing operations, responsible for the company's board level products. The operation will concentrate on the multimedia, graphics, 3D and internet/intranet markets worldwide. VideoLogic's Multimedia Technology will continue its focus on multimedia silicon solutions.

The re-organisation will further streamline the company's sales and marketing structure and improve focus on the two separate operations.

"Like all companies in the computer industry, VideoLogic operates in a market characterised by re-engineering, globalisation and rapid technological change," said Tony Maclaren, VideoLogic's Chief Executive. "Following an in depth review by senior management, the company has made a number of changes which it feels will deliver far reaching improvements for customers in the areas of pricing, lead times, quality and problem resolution. The goal is 'Just in Time Everything'."

To support these improvements VideoLogic has developed a comprehensive IT infrastructure, integrating e-mail, VLNET (VideoLogic's Global Intranet) with knowledge base, news server capability and video conferencing. A real time sales forecasting system provides remote access capability for field based staff.

The operation will be run by a small core functional team based at the company's HQ with representatives from marketing, sales, product development, manufacturing, operations and quality.

As part of these changes Kevin Dale will assume worldwide responsibility for all sales, marketing and customer support activities of MMSD. Dale was previously responsible for Europe/Pacific activities and has been responsible for the companies excellent sales growth in this region. Dale also joins the Board of Directors of VideoLogic Ltd.

"We realised that in order to improve our competitiveness and meet our objectives we needed to move from a 'work place to work space' strategy," said Kevin Dale. "We can now share all critical data on a real time basis, as well as interface more effectively with remote operations, customers and suppliers."

Jordan Watters, VP Sales and Marketing at VideoLogic Inc. based in San Francisco, is no longer with the company.

For more information, please contact Patrick Jubb, VideoLogic Ltd.,