MOUNTAIN VIEW, May 9, 1996 -- NEC Electronics Inc. and VideoLogic today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation selected PowerVR 3D graphics architecture for its next generation of Presario home personal computers. Jointly developed by NEC and VideoLogic, the PowerVR architecture is a scalable 3D graphics solution that, for the first time brings arcade level performance to games software for the home personal computer.

VideoLogic has announced the first 3D accelerator card based on the revolutionary PowerVR 3D technology from NEC and VideoLogic. The new card is based on the PCX1 chip from NEC and is a Windows 95, PCI based 3D accelerator card for the PC. The card brings arcade-level performance and realism to a new wave of consumer PC games, that will appear by Christmas. The card is targeted at PC OEMs wanting to incorporate high performance 3D capability into next generation consumer PCs.