London, 27th March 2009: PURE, the world's leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios, today welcomed Germany's decision to roll out nationwide digital-radio services, using DAB+, at the beginning of 2010. In approving a nationwide network of multiplexes, up to 40 digital-radio stations will become available in every region of Germany, offering a mix of local and national services carried on public service and commercial radio stations.

PURE, a division of Imagination Technologies Group, anticipates significant market opportunities as a result of this latest European expansion. The PURE brand is on track to continue its growth in international markets in 2009, following a threefold increase in overseas sales in 2008.

Hossein Yassaie, Chief Executive of Imagination Technologies, said: "This is excellent news for Europe's digital radio community. With Germany, the UK and France now committed to the DAB family of digital radio standards, digital radios with multi-standard technology will become more widely available. This allows PURE to extend its reach to many more people as the barriers to a universal digital radio system in Europe are gradually overcome. This development, coupled with PURE's strong overseas growth, is further evidence that DAB –based digital radio continues to gain traction world-wide in spite of volatile demand for other consumer electronics."

Please visit www.pure.com or call 0845 1489001 for more information.

About DAB Digital Radio
Digital Radio means more stations, more choice and more content for listeners. DAB digital radios feature innovative design and features and are available in a huge variety of types ranging from personal to portable and micro-systems to clock radios. The radios are easy to use and to tune thanks to the alphabetical station listing. Some allow the user to pause, rewind and record live radio.

About PURE Digital
PURE Digital is the world's leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios and the creator of the EVOKE family, the most popular DAB radios in the world. A UK business using UK technology, PURE Digital offers the widest range of award-winning DAB radios. PURE Digital is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.

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