VideoLogic Puts DAB in Your Pocket

March 13, 2002: VideoLogic – a division of Imagination Technologies – is demonstrating its new personal DAB digital radio today at CeBIT 2002. The tiny, pocket-sized device is the world's first personal DAB digital radio design that will go to full production.

Based on Frontier Silicon's Chorus FS1010, a single-chip DAB/Audio processor designed by Imagination Technologies, the prototype VideoLogic personal DAB radio, developed in conjunction with Cambridge based TTP (The Technology Partnership), offers outstanding DAB digital quality radio reception along with small size whilst still offering a significant, usable battery life (over 15 hours from two AA sized batteries).

The Frontier Chorus FS1010 is a cost-effective, low power DAB and audio processing chip, which integrates all the necessary functionality and interfaces for a range of DAB-enabled consumer systems on the same chip. The advanced capabilities of the device and its low cost will enable wide availability of portable, and feature-rich digital radios and DAB-enabled multi-function audio systems at new consumer price points.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) technology provides distortion free, high quality digital radio reception, massively improving on the quality of traditional radio services and offers extensive data transmission capabilities which enable new services to be offered by broadcasters.

Frontier Silicon's Chorus is the first processor to utilise the revolutionary META multi-threaded DSP core and DAB technologies developed by Imagination Technologies' Metagence and Ensigma Technologies divisions. The META processor architecture provides multiple real-time programming contexts (threads) that can operate independently and concurrently. The critical advantage of the META architecture is that it makes it possible to run several real-time tasks, as well as general purpose functions, on a single processor, rather than resorting to inefficient multi-DSP plus micro-controller solutions.