VideoLogic ZXR-500 Surround Sound Speaker System

March 13, 2002: VideoLogic Systems – a division of Imagination Technologies – is showing its new ZXR-500 5.1 channel surround sound speaker system at CeBIT 2002. The stylish silver ZXR-500 provides outstanding quality audio for surround sound games and movies for just £79.99 (inc. tax UK) / €139 (inc. tax Germany).

The perfect partner for any 5.1 channel soundcard, ZXR-500 transforms any PC into a thundering home cinema and surround sound gaming system. The ZXR-500 is a powerful 5.1 channel speaker system, engineered to provide all the thrills of surround sound audio, whether it is enhancing the earth-trembling sound effects in movies, blasting out gut-wrenching explosions in the latest games or pumping out stomping music. Using years of professional audio experience, gained through development of VideoLogic's award winning DigiTheatre and Sirocco ranges, this compact powerhouse has been engineered to outperform systems costing more than twice as much. With five powerful discrete satellite speakers and a stylish subwoofer with integrated 5.1 power amplifier, ZXR-500 delivers serious sound.

Shipping this month ZXR-500 has already won awards including PCW Highly Commended (May 2002) and PC Games Hardware Award für sehr gutes Preis-Lesitungsverhältnis (April 2002).

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic: "This 5.1 channel speaker system with its powerful dual-ported subwoofer provides VideoLogic quality at a price that makes outstanding six-channel game and movie audio accessible to everyone. ZXR-500 is the ideal companion to any 6-channel soundcard, or home DVD player¹."

ZXR-500 includes dual flared subwoofer bass ports and a tuned amplifier for precise imaging. Individual volume controls and sturdy speaker stands ensure that its impressive 65W of power is delivered where and how the user wants it. The comprehensive package includes everything needed to get up and running quickly with connecting cables, satellite speaker stands and a clear, concise user guide.

The ZXR-500's powerful 25W RMS subwoofer features two tuned bass ports ensuring distortion-free bass. The integrated amplifier has individual front panel volume controls and built-in low-noise power supply.

Separate volume controls enable complete control of front, rear, centre and subwoofer speakers for a balanced 'natural' sound. Magnetically shielded speakers prevent interference with PCs and other electronic equipment.

ZXR-500's professional styling provides a stunning mix of form and function with a stylish matt silver finish that complements PC, DVD, video or hi-fi kit and looks good in any room.

The system is Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic compatible with six separate phono inputs and a carefully tuned amplifier to take full advantage of the sound from a 5.1 enabled sound card or decoder. Increasing numbers of games, DVD movies and music are recorded using these surround sound audio technologies.

ZXR-500 is fast and easy to set up with plug-and-play speaker wiring (3m fronts and centre, 8m rears), three dual phono to 3.5 mm cables for PC connection, clearly labelled connectors and clear, concise instructions. Five satellite speaker stands are included to provide stable speaker positioning.

ZXR-500 is supplied with an excellent support package including a two year warranty backed up by a technical hotline and website support.

Editor's Notes
Output power: Total 65W RMS; fronts, rears and centre 8W RMS; subwoofer 25W RMS Minimum System Requirements: PC with sound card, or any audio source with line-level output.

¹ 5.1 decoder required in DVD player for full surround sound operation.