VideoLogic Enhances Home Entertainment Range

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - today announced the launch of silver versions of its key home entertainment products. DigiTheatre DTS, DigiTheatre and the DRX-601ES digital radio tuner are all now available in silver, performance tuned versions.

All three products are the winners of numerous awards and have redefined the market expectations of home entertainment consumer electronics in their price range. VideoLogic has now introduced silver finishing alongside performance modifications to reinforce the VideoLogic range as category leaders.


The DRX-601ES builds on the success of the award winning DRX-601E with performance tuning and an elegant silver design. The VideoLogic DRX-601ES features a stylish silver anodised aluminium front panel along with silver finish casework and controls. Further enhancements include cool blue LED indicators and an easy to read blue/white display, which contrast the silver design.

DRX-601ES also improves upon the audio quality of the award-winning DRX-601E with optimised PAC™ Technology for psycho-acoustic compensation, the result of which is a significantly more natural sound than other digital radio tuners.

The reaction from the press to the DRX-601E has been amazing, with top scores from What Hi-Fi and Stuff magazines and Best Buy Awards from Hi-Fi Choice and Classic FM already won. "In terms of sound quality this 'budget' DAB tuner can meet more expensive alternatives head on," decided Hi-Fi Choice (Feb '01). "This is a real bargain," agreed Gramophone (Feb '01), "and comes with a solid recommendation for anyone considering a move into digital radio but discouraged by the high prices of hardware to date."

DigiTheatre DTS - 5.1 Digital Decode & Speaker System - £399.99 UK / 1230 DM

Built using high-end hi-fi components, with six dedicated speakers including a powerful subwoofer and integrated multi-channel amplifier, DigiTheatre DTS is the complete surround sound system for both DTS and Dolby Digital movies. Its hi-fi quality speakers provide a spacious sound stage, capturing every detail of the movie soundtrack with fast, precise positioning of effects and thunderous bass. The new silver DigiTheatre DTS also features performance tuned drive units to improve the already impressive mid range clarity.

The DigiTheatre range has made a considerable impact in the DVD market by offering comprehensive features at price points previously unheard of for such a high performance home cinema system. DigiTheatre DTS has already taken over 16 awards including Best For Value - DVD Review, Editor's Choice - DVD Review, Seal of Approval - DVD Times, Best Buy - What Video & TV and 5/5 from Home Entertainment.

DigiTheatre - 5.1 Dolby Digital / AC3 Decode & Speaker System - £249 UK / 769 DM

To really appreciate the outstanding quality of DVD movies you need Dolby Digital surround-sound. VideoLogic's DigiTheatre provides high-quality Dolby Digital functionality at an astonishingly low price and now with a full silver make-over. The DigiTheatre 5.1 Dolby Digital / AC3 decoder and speaker system targets the growing market for stand-alone DVD players, as well as PC users with DVD-ROM, and provides a high-quality cinema-style sound.

DigiTheatre has been ecstatically received with awards from leading publications including What Video & TV Magazine (Recommended), DVD Review (Best Value), DVD Buyer (Best Value) and Computer Buyer (Recommended).