VideoLogic Hits Cebit 1999

VideoLogic has several key news announcements for CeBIT 1999, including: the announcement of the first PC graphics card based on VideoLogic's PowerVR Series2 technology; the launch of a new addition to the award winning Sirocco family; the premiere of a Dolby Digital speaker set for the home entertainment and PC markets; and the signing of agreements with both TerraTec and Memorex.First PowerVR Series2 Card for PC Platform Announced

The VideoLogic Neon 250, an outstanding card for gamers, features a massive 16MB of high performance SDRAM memory, a 250MHz RAMDAC and 125MHz clock-speed, the PowerVR 250 processor and full 2X AGP support. Retail units are expected to ship in June 1999, with an RRP of less than £125 ex. VAT ($199).

Neon 250 is based on the PowerVR 250 chip, part of the PowerVR Series2 family designed by NEC and VideoLogic Technology. Other PowerVR Series2 chips are used in Sega's Dreamcast™ console, the Sega Naomi™ arcade system and on the R-Cade Vision 250™ from VideoLogic for the ArcadePC platform.

New Addition to Sirocco Speaker Family

Sirocco Crossfire is a 4.1 speaker set comprising an amplifier, subwoofer and four satellite speakers. For true HRTF 3D positional audio the four speaker Sirocco Crossfire is unrivalled, providing superb surround sound for PC gamers based on VideoLogic's award winning Sirocco speaker system. Sirocco Crossfire will be available from May 1999 for £199 RRP (ex. VAT, UK.)

Sirocco Crossfire is the ideal complement to VideoLogic's recently introduced SonicVortex2 soundcard, based on Aureal's new Vortex2 chip, which provides stunning 3D positional sound for games using Aureal A3D 2.0/1.0 and DirectSound 3D. When used together the result is sensational audio for gamers.

DigiTheatre Dolby Digital Speaker System

DigiTheatre provides full AC3/Dolby Digital decoding and output from a complete system that includes six speakers (two rear, two front, one centre, a subwoofer) and a separate AC3/Dolby Digital decoder box. DigiTheatre also provides support for Dolby ProLogic, MPEG-2 (Europe) and stereo surround.

DigiTheatre is intended not only for the PC market, but also the home entertainment market. DigiTheatre has been designed for use with any DVD device, from stand-alone players to PCs with DVD-ROM and S/PDIF output. Styled in charcoal and black for the living room DigiTheatre also looks great next to a PC. DigiTheatre will be available from May 1999 with an RRP of £199 (ex. VAT, UK.)

OEM Agreements

VideoLogic has announced that it has signed a deal with German soundcard manufacturer TerraTec, to cooperate on the SubSession speaker system, based on VideoLogic's award winning Sirocco design.

VideoLogic's Sirocco speaker system design (which won PC Magazine UK's Technical Innovation Award 1998 for Best Multimedia Product) has been modified according to the preferences of the German market by VideoLogic and TerraTec, while retaining the quality and power of the original specification.

The speakers will be manufactured in the United Kingdom.

VideoLogic has also announced that it has struck a deal with Memorex which will include VideoLogic's DVD Player MPEG-2 decoder card in its new easy-to-use DVD retail kit, Memorex-632R.