Videologic and Terratec Cooperate on Speaker Systems

VideoLogic - the international company that develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator and audio products for PCs, games consoles and arcade entertainment machines - today announced that it has signed a deal with German soundcard manufacturer TerraTec, to cooperate on VideoLogic's award winning Sirocco speaker system in Germany.

TerraTec will be showing the speakers, named SubSession, at CeBIT in Hannover from March 18-24th, 1999 in Hall 9, stand D67.

The award winning Sirocco/SubSession Speaker System design (which won PC Magazine UK's Technical Innovation Award 1998 for Best Multimedia Product) has been modified according to the preferences of the German market by VideoLogic and TerraTec, while retaining the quality and power of the original specification. The new TerraTec product will be manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "TerraTec is Germany's largest manufacturer of sound cards and has a strong brand in continental Europe. We are delighted to have signed this agreement with them to bring the outstanding quality of our speaker design to a much wider European audience."

Says Heiko Meertz, general manager, TerraTec: " The Sirocco/SubSession speaker system targets the market segment where TerraTec has a proven track record of providing highly innovative audio technology: The Pro-sumer and gamer market."About The Sirocco/SubSession Design

With two satellite speakers, each with bass/midrange and separate tweeter, plus a sub-woofer, active filter and power amps, Sirocco/SubSession┬┤s 'near field monitor' performance and form factor are designed with the PC user in mind. Sirocco is a fully active design, with a massive 100W RMS of output power available, consisting of five amplifiers, one for each speaker drive unit. If the output power is calculated on the same basis as most PC speakers then the Sirocco system is capable of 1500w output (PMPO.)

Amplifier controls include master volume, subwoofer volume and tone adjustment. This tone adjustment is available using an 'attitude' control. This is implemented by means of a dual shelving filter.

Input is via gold plated phono connectors and the amplifier also has a ┬╝ inch stereo headphone jack. Sirocco's speaker drive units are high quality magnetically shielded devices from Audax, renowned in the hi-fi market for their sound quality. These units are fitted to custom designed wood cabinets to deliver the best possible sound quality.

The Sirocco power amp section is manufactured using Overture Series amplifier devices from National Semiconductor, one of the world's largest semi-conductor suppliers. The amps offer both excellent audio quality and 'bulletproof' protection circuitry that provides high product reliability.