Memorex Takes VideoLogic DVD Player MPEG-2 Card

VideoLogic - the international company that develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator and audio products for PCs, games consoles and arcade entertainment machines - has announced that it has struck a deal with Memorex which will include VideoLogic's DVD Player MPEG-2 decoder card in its easy-to-use DVD retail kit, Memorex-632R.

The bundle will be available across Europe from April 1999 and can be seen at CeBIT in Hannover from March 18-24th, 1999 at the Memorex booth in Hall 12, stand E39.

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "We are delighted to have signed this deal with Memorex, one of the world's leading consumer goods brands. This agreement will considerably increase the penetration of our DVD Player product across continental Europe."

Ilona Maas, marketing centre manager EMEA for optical storage products at Memtek, which markets the Memorex brand says: "DVD Player MPEG-2 decoder card offers us multi-language support, stable drivers and high image quality. The presence of this card and the VideoLogic branding within the consumer-targeted package will substantially add value to this high-quality product. The combination of our 6x32 DVD-ROM drive and DVD Player MPEG-2 decoder card is the ideal introduction to DVD movies for PC users. The solution guarantees the end user has the best technology at their fingertips."About DVD Player

VideoLogic DVD Player uses the latest generation of integrated decoders which combines low-cost with exceptional digital video quality to provide high-definition, full-screen, full frame rate DVD (MPEG2) video with Dolby Digital audio for a complete home-cinema experience, even with a Pentium 133 class machine.

A comprehensive second-generation solution, DVD Player works with the user's existing graphics card to provide superior picture and sound quality, on a par with expensive stand-alone DVD players.

DVD Player supports all DVD audio formats including Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, MPEG-2 and stereo. It can be used with a Dolby Digital decoder/amplifier to drive a complete 6-speaker (5.1 channel) surround system, with a Dolby Pro Logic decoder/amplifier, or with a PC sound card such as SonicVortex2 from VideoLogic.

VideoLogic DVD Player can be connected to either a PC monitor or a television (NTSC/PAL with composite and high-quality S-Video connectors) for a real home cinema experience.