VideoLogic Signs Retail Agreement with Gameplay

VideoLogic, the international multimedia and 3D graphics company, has announced a retail agreement with the UK's largest mail order supplier of computer games - Gameplay.

Under the terms of the agreement, Gameplay's mail order operation and new Leeds-based superstore will sell and promote the award-winning Apocalypse 3Dx graphics card and new PCI-based SonicStorm sound card to its database of over 200,000 loyal customers.

"VideoLogic has demonstrated a commitment to producing ground breaking technology at affordable, realistic price points while still maintaining the highest level of quality and customer support," said Mike Jones, sales and product manager for Gameplay. "These are the key reasons why Gameplay is happy to support VideoLogic's award-winning range of 3D graphics accelerators and new PCI-based sound cards."

The Apocalypse 3Dx is VideoLogic's award-winning dedicated 3D accelerator card for the home PC and games enthusiast. With full support for games written to Microsoft Direct X, GLQuake and PowerSGL Direct, Apocalypse 3Dx is available with five 3D accelerated games and a demo CD of 15 3D games, and as a value pack with a demo games CD only.

The SonicStorm is one of the first PCI-based sound cards on the market. Incorporating AC97 codec for CD quality audio, the SonicStorm comes bundled with a full suite of audio applications including Midisoft Studio 4.0 Lite, AudioRack and MixMan's 3-Mix. The SonicStorm has an RRP of £69.00 inc. VAT.About Gameplay

Gameplay is the UK's largest mail order supplier of computer games and including its new Leeds-based superstore has a database of over 200,000 loyal customers. Currently employing 35 full time trained staff, Gameplay had a turnover of £7.5 million in 1997 and is projected to double its turnover in 1998 to £15 million. Established four years ago with support from the Prince's Youth Business Trust, Gameplay has become the most successful mail order supplier for computer games in the UK and is set to open new superstores across the UK throughout the year.