VideoLogic announces powerful 2D/3D card based on new Cirrus Laguna3D controller -- GrafixStar 550

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has today announced its first graphics card built around Cirrus Logic technology - the GrafixStar 550. Based on the new GD 5464 Laguna3D processor, the GrafixStar 550 is targeted at the home multimedia and PC gamer communities, delivering high performance 2D, built-in video acceleration and stunning 3D at very low cost.

The GrafixStar 550 is one of the first 2D/3D graphics cards to incorporate super fast Rambus (RDRAM) memory technology and the card ships with either 2 MB or 4 MB of RDRAM on-board. The GrafixStar 550, 2 MB and 4 MB versions, are now available to PC OEMs and System Integrators, with a retail GrafixStar 550 (4 MB only) available in April. The price for the retail GrafixStar 550 (4 MB) is expected to be £99.00 or less.

Both the OEM and retail versions of the GrafixStar 550 come with a games sampler CD, while the retail GrafixStar 550 will also have full-version D3D games bundled.

"In both games and multimedia titles, 3D content is now becoming the norm rather than the exception, and PC users need 3D hardware technology to be able to experience this vastly improved medium," said Kevin Dale, European sales and marketing manager for VideoLogic.

"Current graphics cards based on integrated 2D/3D controllers are failing to meet end user expectations for price and performance. The GrafixStar 550 is designed to meet or exceed these expectations with both low cost and impressive 2D/3D performance through the use of the Cirrus Logic Laguna3D processor."

The GrafixStar 550 is a Windows 95 Plug-and-Play PCI accelerator card, comes with built-in video acceleration and supports up to 16.7 million colours, resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200, and a maximum refresh rate of 150 Hz.

The GD 5464 Laguna3D processor is a powerful graphics engine which performs 3D rendering functions, including Cirrus Logic's TextureJetTM architecture for advanced texture mapping. It is designed to give a near photorealistic feel to 3D interactive entertainment. This is achieved by increasing the number of polygons that can be used in a frame, enabling much greater 3D graphics detail, and more sophisticated handling of texture maps.GrafixMAX and D3D Drivers

VideoLogic is developing accelerated software drivers for the GrafixStar 550 using its custom designed GrafixMAX technology, which produce an increase in Windows 95 performance of up to 35%. Both the retail and OEM versions of the GrafixStar 550 also come with Microsoft Direct3D drivers compliant with Direct X 3.0.

Free Prolab Software Bundle

As part of the GrafixStar 550 customer pack, VideoLogic is also bundling £200 of Prolab multimedia software, free of charge. The Prolab software package consists of three software titles - Image Folio, VideoWork and MediaScope.

  • Image Folio is a multimedia image processing application that allows you to edit, re-shape and colour images, with full twain capability for scanner interface.
  • VideoWork is a video capturing, editing and playback application that can manipulate and compress multiple video formats. Using over 150 transition effects and a wide range of video and audio special effects, VideoWork produces professional customised video on your PC.
  • MediaScope is a three-in-one on-screen multimedia CD player that gives the PC user an easy to use and visual interface for playing Media CDs, Music CDs and MPEG CDs.

VideoLogic Support

The GrafixStar 550 is also supplied with software drivers supporting Windows 3.11, Windows NT and IBM OS/2. The card is backed by a five year warranty, with 24-hour on-line Internet and Bulletin Board support.