VideoLogic launches ultra-low-cost graphics card for entry-level PCs -- GrafixStar 410

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has today launched a low-cost, entry-level 64-bit multimedia accelerator targeted at the PC OEM and consumer upgrade markets. Based on the new S3 Trio 64V2 controller, the GrafixStar 410 will eventually replace the popular GrafixStar 400 (based on the S3 Trio 64V+) as VideoLogic's ultra-low-cost, entry-level graphics card solution.

The GrafixStar 410 comes with 1 MB of high speed EDO DRAM on board, upgradable to 2 MB and has an RRP of £49.00, with an expected street price of £39.00. The 2 MB version has an RRP of £69.00 and an expected street price of £55.00.

In comparison with the current GrafixStar 400, the new GrafixStar 410 delivers 15% better graphics performance, full bilinear video scaling for better quality AVI and software MPEG playback and a higher performance RAMDAC (135MHz to 170MHz) for faster, more ergonomic refresh rates. This card will be available from VideoLogic's existing network of distributors and resellers in April.

"With the launch of the GrafixStar 410, VideoLogic is delivering on its promise to give its customers the very latest in graphics and multimedia technology at the most competitive prices," said Kevin Dale, European sales and marketing manager for VideoLogic. "Even with current developments in 3D, a large proportion of PCs shipped are still manufactured with entry-level 2D graphics only and the GrafixStar 410 meets both the need for high-performance 2D graphics and low cost."

Dale added: "When 2D graphics customers feel ready to move to 3D, the award winning Apocalypse 3D accelerator is the ideal dedicated arcade-performance 3D graphics partner to the GrafixStar 410."

The GrafixStar 410 is a Windows 95 Plug and Play PCI accelerator card and comes with an integrated multimedia processor for high-quality, scaled-up, accelerated playback of Cinepak and other digital video formats. The card supports resolutions of up to 1600x1200, with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and up to 16.7 million colours.GrafixMAX Accelerated Drivers

VideoLogic has developed accelerated software drivers for the GrafixStar 410 using its custom designed GrafixMAX technology, which produces an increase in Windows 95 performance of up to 35%.

Free Prolab Software Bundle

As part of the GrafixStar 410 customer pack, VideoLogic is also bundling £200 of Prolab multimedia software, free of charge. The Prolab software package consists of three software titles - Image Folio, VideoWork and MediaScope.

  • Image Folio is a multimedia image processing application that allows you to edit, re-shape and colour images, with full twain capability for scanner interface.
  • VideoWork is a video capturing, editing and playback application that can manipulate and compress multiple video formats. Using over 150 transition effects and a wide range of video and audio special effects, VideoWork produces professional customised video on your PC.
  • MediaScope is a three-in-one on-screen multimedia CD player that gives the PC user an easy to use and visual interface for playing Media CDs, Music CDs and MPEG CDs.

VideoLogic SmartTools

VideoLogic has also developed a suite of "Smart" utilities for use with the GrafixStar 410 under Windows 95, including SmartDesktop and SmartDisplay: SmartDesktop is an enhanced virtual desktop manager, enabling resolution switching on the fly; SmartDisplay is a graphics display Wizard to help users make the most suitable install and set-up decisions for their graphics subsystems.

VideoLogic Support

The GrafixStar 410 is also supplied with software drivers supporting Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT and IBM OS/2. The card is backed by a five year warranty, with 24-hour on-line Internet and Bulletin Board support.