PURE Upgrades for Digital Radio Listeners

London, 21st June 2005: PURE Digital, the world leader in DAB digital radio, is offering a range of downloadable upgrades to owners of its market leading radios.

Many adopters of consumer electronics technologies will be familiar with this story: no sooner have they invested in a new gizmo than it gets tweaked and refined and re-released. Or even worse – they find that the product they've bought has features they weren't expecting – or bugs as they're more commonly known!

PURE is unique amongst DAB digital radio manufacturers in being able to upgrade most products with downloaded improvements installed over a USB connection. This is vital in the area of advanced function DAB devices as new services come on line or new applications are created.

Recent software upgrades have included:
  • Electronic programme guide (EPG) software for The Bug. The EPG brings the functionality we now take for granted in digital television broadcasts to DAB digital radio and is set to permanently change the way listeners interact with their radios. Automatically set programs to tune or record.
  • An additional male voice for theSONUS-1XT with iVOX. iVOX is fun for all users – and essential for users with visual impairment. But if you don't want its silky female default voice you can now upgrade to a charming male alternative.
  • Upgraded Alarm, Sleep, Menu and SnoozeHandle functionality for the TEMPUS-1. 19 new features have been added including: a third alarm, improved display details and font, longer snooze times, new ways of using the SnoozeHandle to access information and display brightness, and setting the alarm while the radio's in standby.
Says Kevin Dale, general manager, PURE Digital: "Many of our customers come back for more products after they experience the benefits of DAB listening – but that's not because we force them into upgrading by obsolescing the old products. We believe that providing a high level of support for our existing customers is what keeps those people loyal to PURE and confident that the innovative, class-leading product they buy today won't suddenly fall behind the times tomorrow."

For the latest upgrades for PURE radios visit www.pure.com