VideoLogic SonicVortex2 Takes Five Awards

VideoLogic - the international company that develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics, video and audio technologies and products - has announced that its SonicVortex2 3D audio accelerator has won five awards including the Buy It! Award from Computer Active, the UK's highest selling PC magazine.

The five awards won by the SonicVortex2 are: PC Answers Platinum Award (magazine cover-dated May 1999); the Gold Award in Windows Expert (cover-date May 1999); the Computer Active Buy It! Award (issue dated 19th April); the Silver Award from PC Home (June 1999) and the Recommended Award from PC Advisor (cover-date July).

SonicVortex2 is available now from VideoLogic's network of resellers and dealers with a max RRP of just £64.99 (inc. VAT).

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "As Computer Active says in its review, 'what more could you possibly want from a soundcard?' The SonicVortex2 is the premier 3D sound card for gamers and provides a host of great features for music too, like S/PDIF output for digital recording."

SonicVortex2's astounding 3D hardware audio acceleration is accompanied by one of the best software bundles on the market. As well as full versions of the excellent JetAudio media-player and the acclaimed Yamaha Softsynth XG (provided in two versions for different CPU requirements) SonicVortex2 now ships with the remarkable FutureBeat 3D.

FutureBeat 3D is an intuitive song creation suite which lets users build their own tracks out of wave samples, over 450MB of which are included on the FutureBeat 3D CD. Cool features, like the built in drum machine or the ability to sync-trigger samples from keyboard or mouse to build the song in real time, are only the tip of the iceberg because FutureBeat 3D is the first song generator to place instruments in a realistic 3D environment. Users just click on a sample to highlight it, then drag the 'X-marks-the-spot' icon in the 3D sound-stage window to where they want the instrument to be. The result is the feeling of actually being in a concert environment, with instruments surrounding the user. If the user wants drums behind, bass to the sides and guitars in the centre it's no problem with FutureBeat 3D.

SonicVortex2's 3D positional audio, using the acclaimed Aureal A3D 2.0 standard, brings game environments to life. Now the level of acoustic realism matches the immersive 3D worlds of the latest, greatest games. Key features of the SonicVortex2 include: the latest Aureal Vortex2 technology for realistic 3D audio; two or four speaker support for an enhanced 3D audio experience; high performance audio for games, including full hardware acceleration which frees the CPU and speeds up gameplay; legacy audio support for compatibility with A3D 1.0 and DOS based PC games; high quality audio for music/entertainment; PCI audio performance and S/PDIF output for digital recording.