VideoLogic Announces Major Price Reduction for the Apocalypse Range

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has today announced new low cost pricing for its award-winning Apocalypse graphics card range. Some products have been dropped by over 50%. The price drops are effective immediately.

These changes represent a continued focus to drive PowerVR technology and the Apocalypse range into the volume consumer market. With these reductions the Apocalypse family continues to offer the consumer unrivalled value for money.

The revised pricing is as follows:

(Inc. Vat)
(Inc. Vat)
Decrease Change
Apocalypse 3Dx Value Pack £55 £49 £6 10%
Apocalypse 3Dx with Games Pack £79 £79 £0 0%
Apocalypse 5D £175 £79 £96 54%
Apocalypse 5D Sonic £219 £99 >£120 54%

Pricing has also been reduced for the GrafixStar 560, high-performance 2D/3D accelerator.

(Inc. Vat)
(Inc. Vat)
Decrease Change
GrafixStar 560 (PCI and AGP) £79 £45 £34 43%
Apocalypse 3Dx Value Pack

The Apocalypse 3Dx Value Pack includes the card, software drivers and a 3D games sampler CD of 15 trial 3D accelerated games. It has a reduced price of £49.00 which has been dropped from £55.00.

Apocalypse 3Dx Games Pack

Based on the NEC PCX2, Apocalypse 3Dx comes bundled with the chart-topping FIFA 98: Road to World Cup™ from EA Sports®, Kalisto's renowned Ultim@te Race™ and, exclusively in Europe, Kalisto's® new Nightmare Creatures™. All games are full retail versions and not cut down OEM editions. The Apocalypse 3Dx price remains unchanged at £79.00.

Apocalypse 5D

Apocalypse 5D is a single slot PCI card that delivers high-end 3D games performance, through the PowerVR-based NEC PCX2, and powerful 2D graphics, for DOS and Windows 95, with the new Tseng Labs ET6100 128-bit controller. It comes bundled with five PowerVR games, including Tomb Raider™ **, WipeOut 2097™, Ultim@te Race™, Terracide™** and MechWarrior 2™. It has a new price of £79.00, from £175.00.

Apocalypse 5D Sonic

Apocalypse 5D Sonic is a single slot, plug and play PCI card that combines high-end 3D performance, from the PowerVR-based NEC PCX2 processor, powerful DOS and Windows 95 2D performance using Tseng Labs' new ET6100 graphics controller, and the very latest in PCI-based audio acceleration with the Maestro-1 audio signal processor from ESS Technology Inc., the world's largest PC audio semiconductor supplier.

Apocalypse 5D Sonic comes bundled with Tomb Raider™ **, WipeOut 2097™ , Ultim@te Race™, Terracide™ ** and MechWarrior 2™. In addition, the card also comes bundled with three new audio applications - Midisoft Studio 4.0 Lite, ESS Audio Rack and Mix-Man's 3-Mix, trial versions of leading internet phone software, including CUSeeMe Enhanced, Vocaltec, InternetPhone, VDOPhone and a full version of NetMeeting 2.0 from Microsoft, as well as £100 worth of NewSoft multimedia software. Apocalypse 5D Sonic will soon also come with the impressive new audio and multimedia playback application, Jet Audio 3.12 from Cowon Systems Inc. The new retail price for Apocalypse 5D Sonic is £99.00, from £219.00.

** OEM Version With Reduced Levels

GrafixStar 560

Based on the Cirrus Laguna3D 5465 2D/3D controller, GrafixStar 560 is targeted at the home PC and gamer markets and is available for both PCI and AGP PC systems. GrafixStar 560 comes bundled with eight Direct3D and DOS games (trial versions), £100.00 worth of NewSoft (formerly known as Prolab) multimedia software, SmartTools II and accelerated GrafixMAX drivers for Windows 95. The price has been reduced from £79.00 to £45.00.